2 Days at Sea – Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th February 2015

Monday 16th – It seems really strange without our Brit friends onboard…

Actually the whole ambiance of the ship has changed…when you replace 306 long term cruisers with 304 mostly newbies it’s bound to be different. The newbies just want to eat, drink and enjoy the 2 weeks they have onboard and are not really interested in mixing outside their own groups. That’s not a problem on 1 week or 2 week rotating cruises as the guests are regularly changing anyway, but when you introduce 2 week cruisers into an established group of 30 or 40 day cruisers it doesn’t really gel…IMHO…

Clocks go back 1 hour tonight so we are now 7 hours ahead of UK time.

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Tuesday 17th – We’re getting to know a few of the newbies so hopefully we can make some new friends…the only trouble is we will have to say goodbye to them in 12 days time.

I wish Seabourn wouldn’t promote extended journeys (30+ cruise days) and then sell off the section at a later date in small blocks…our 40 day cruise was later sold as a 12 day segment, a 14 day segment and another 14 day segment. I know it’s just business to Seabourn but a lot of cruisers don’t like it…me included.

We went to Stephen’s birthday bash this afternoon…a little get together at the Sky bar…actually it was his Chinese birthday (apparently you can Google your real birth date and find your equivalent Chinese birthday…if I did it correctly my Chinese birthday is 7th July…). Anyway it was good fun and we were all given prosperity gifts…hope mine works!!


Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 07:46
Location: 08.09 north, 102.52 east
Speed: 14 knots
Temp: 25c/77f
Distance from Singapore: 461 nms
Distance to Laem Chabang: 330 nms
Humidity: 75%
Sunrise: 06:26
Sunset: 18:18
Sea Depth: 240 ft
Winds: 22mph from Southeast