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4 Days At Sea

Day 1 – 24th February 2013

Helen With Loula

Helen With Loula

No kinesis today despite the fact that it is a sea day as we should have been at Thursday Island and the Spa staff had been given the day off.

The day started well it was hot and balmy at twelve noon but then the rains came down.

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We lunched with Vitor, the hotel  director at The Patio Grill and chatted about our previous sailings with him and future ones to come.

The ship is running an Oscars competition where guests have to predict the winners of the twenty four categories – Vance and I have both entered…fingers crossed.

At 4pm Vance went off for a massage and at 4:30pm I went looking for Thursday Island. There were so many little islands out there it was impossible to tell which one was which…but I know it was out there somewhere!!

Dinner was at The Patio Grill then it was off to see the flamenco guitarist Matthew Fagan who was brilliant.

Clocks went back one hour again tonight as we are now heading due west towards Komodo Island.

Techie bits: On the 24th of February 7:30am we were:
12° south and 143° east
Travelling on a compass course 329°
Speed = 18.5 knots
Wind speed = 8 knots from north west
Air temperature = 27°c (81°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 12993
Depth = 23 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:27am  Sunset = 6:51pm

Day 2 – 25th February 2013

Day 2

Day 2

Today we are cruising The Torres Strait, a body of water that lies between Australia and the island of New Guinea. The strait links The Coral Sea to the east with The Arafura Sea in the west. Although it is an important international sea lane it is very shallow and the maze of reefs and islands can make it hazardous to navigate. Drive carefully Captain!!

We woke up to thunder, lightning and rain – we have a storm. Brilliant, I love storms!!

We went to kinesis this morning but found it quite difficult as the ship was rolling and pitching but Craig said it’s good for the core muscles…yeh right!! but we survived a really hard workout.

The Internet is so slow this morning I guess everyone (me included) is using it rather than being up on deck. I managed to complete one day of the blog and spent an hour doing my online competitions…hope I win something…another cruise perhaps?

The Oscars are being screened live in The Grand Salon all day – guess that will entertain some people at least!! and we will get to know the results of the Seabourn Oscars competition…I just wish I could remember who I put down for each award…

Tonight was formal so we were down in the main dining room partaking of chef Thorsten’s special menu. We both had the lobster thermidor which was fabulous.

Earlier in the day Vance had asked if we could carry forward some of our remaining ship board credit (the amount remaining being mainly due to cancelled tours) to our next cruise but have just received the official answer…NO…a pity but I guess I will now have to go on a spending spree in the ship’s boutique and the Spa.

Techie bits: On the 25th of February 7:25am we were:
11° south and 138° east
Travelling on a compass course 268°
Speed = 18 knots
Wind speed = 25 knots from south
Air temperature = 24°c (75°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 13421
Depth = 48 metres
Humidity 65%
Sunrise = 5:51am  Sunset = 6:12pm

Day 3 – 26th February 2013

Started our day with kinesis at 8am… we really enjoy it but for some reason it’s not getting any easier.

It was a hot and balmy start to the day, by 8:30am the temperature was up to 86f. While at breakfast we met the Captain who told us that there was storm coming in but he was intending to slow the ship down so that tonight’s epicurean event on deck could go ahead. So after breakfast being forewarned it was up to the pool for some early morning sun.

Smile Vance

Smile Vance

Lunch today was on The Colonnade with fabulous belly of port & crackling…with a salad of course – must watch those calories.

After lunch we grabbed two sun beds – half in & half out of the sun – so that we could have an afternoon siesta but tan our legs at the same time.

We went to our suite to change for the pool but when we got back up to the pool deck the heavens opened and there was a tremendous storm. This was about 2pm… so Captain I guess that mother nature is still in control.

When the storm broke there were people in the pool but they decided to stay as they were wet already. I rushed out to get pictures for the blog and I got soaked…that’s dedication for you!!

At 6:25pm the apparent wind speed was forty four knots (our speeds was 13.4kts and the head wind was 32kts) but it was still 81f…if you have to have a storm have a warm one.

Unfortunately the epicurean evening was cancelled, so after dinner in the main restaurant we popped into the show in The Grand Salon. The singer was Stephen Bayliss all the way from Preston, Lancashire in the UK who sang covers of songs by Tony Benett, Barry White and Michael Buble among others. I really enjoyed it until Stephen started singing an old Tom Jones number…but that’s a personal dislike…but I think most guests really enjoyed his smooth baritone voice and he received two standing ovations. Well done Stephen as this is a hard crowd to please!!

Clocks back one more hour tonight. I think we are now eight hours in front of UK time.

Techie bits: On the 26th of February 7:20am we were:
10° south and 130° east
Travelling on a compass course 269°
Speed = 18 knots
Wind speed = 6 knots from north west
Air temperature = 29°c (84°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 13843
Depth = 54 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:20am  Sunset = 6:40pm

Day 4 – 27th February 2013

Group Massage?

Group Massage?

Today we entered the Savu Sea which is a small sea within Indonesia. The Savu Sea is about 3500 metres in depth and spans about 600 kilometres from west to east 200 kilometres from north to south.

Kinesis again this morning so that’s three days in a row…am I getting fit?…it doesn’t feel  like it!!

Guess who won the Oscars competition???? me, me, me!! oh and Vance and Paul, one of our other British friends, also came first. We all had eighteen points out of a possible twenty four but amazingly we all had different answers for the ones we got wrong.

Handre arranged a photo call in The Club where Seabourn were holding an afternoon tea dance. I received a fabulous pair of pearl earrings kindly donated by Wayne Revely from The Australian Opal Cutters and we all received a bag of Seabourn goodies and a Spa Massage donated by Vincent the Spa manager.

At 5:30pm I popped up to the Spa for a manicure – yes I’ve grown my nails yet again…it only seems to happen on these cruises. Note to self…I must cruise more often!!

Then it was dinner in the main restaurant, show time with the Seabourn singers before we all retired to The Club for the late night Open Mike (or mic?!?) event.

The listing in the daily Seabourn Herald said “if someone has something to funny to share they are more than welcome to take to the mic in this fun late night activity but please note if you are easily offended we recommend that you don’t attend”

John Daniel, the resident pianist from The Observation Bar, opened the evening with a fantastic play on words of ‘My Way’. Handre then told a few jokes before handing over to the guests.

Bob opened for the guests by playing the piano and telling a few good jokes…then Vance told a joke that lowered the tone and opened the flood gates. What a fantastic evening…a great success. Thanks Handre as we know that it’s not really your thing but you were great and everybody really enjoyed the evening.

Techie bits: On the 27th of February 7:30am we were:
11° south and 124° east
Travelling on a compass course 290°
Speed = 14 knots
Wind speed = 22 knots from north west
Air temperature = 29°c (84°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 14204
Depth = 1410 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 5:44am  Sunset = 6:03pm

Cairns Day 2, Northern Queensland – Australia

Saturday 23rd February 2013

After breakfast we decided to walk into town and do some shopping. As we were leaving the ship we saw the Captain, in his cycling gear but without his bike, with the chief security officer. We asked if someone had stolen his bike but he replied “No something worse has happened”

His Juvy Cat rat board (traditionally used to stop rats from running up the tethering ropes and getting aboard) was missing. He was really annoyed and was determined to get to the bottom of it. We heard later that it was never found…good bye Juvy Cat.

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Outside the port there was an esplanade with a boardwalk that went past the apartments and restaurants overlooking the harbour, past the marine and right around to the huge open air public swimming pool on the seafront.

We Love Seabourn

We Love Seabourn

As we were passing the apartments we looked up and saw a huge “I Love Seabourn” sign hanging from a balcony. It was Ronwyn’s apartment – a previous world cruiser with us.

We strolled on into town and bought a few local trinkets before finding the Tommy Bahamas store. This time it was Vance who went on a spending spree buying two beautiful long sleeved linen shirts, one in navy and one in melon green – who’s a pretty boy then!!

Then it was back to the ship as everyone had to be back on board for our departure at 12.30pm, so we shared champagne & caviar with Irene & Alan…Vance had his Corona of course…for the sail away.

The Quest gave the usual three horn blasts as we sailed out past The Rhapsody Of The Sea which returned the compliment with its own three blasts, then as we sailed past the apartments overlooking the harbour I asked everyone on The Sky Bar and port side tables to come over and wave goodbye to Ronwyn who was out on her balcony to see us off.  The Captain then gave another three blasts as we sailed by – perhaps a personal goodbye from the Quest to Ronwyn!!

At 6.30pm we were having  a drink on our balcony and talking about how little marine wildlife we had seen on our voyage so far apart from the odd flying fish and the penguins in Sydney harbour. Then guess what…we saw two hammer head sharks – they were only small about four feet but it was a great sight.

No Techie bits As We’re Still In Port:

Cairns Day 1, Northern Queensland – Australia

Friday 22nd February 2013

The people of Cairns live on the doorstep of an awe-inspiring phenomenon and one of the natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef.

This two thousand kilometre (1200 mile) palette of turquoise, emerald and aquamarine dotted with coral islands and fringed with a white plumage of breakers, shelters an ancient realm of petrified gardens inhabited by an unbelievable range of creatures. Cairns is often called the unofficial capital of northern Queensland and was founded in 1876.

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Taking Some Fresh Air

Taking Some Fresh Air

Today we took the Kuranda Culture tour where we transferred from the ship  to Freshwater Station to board the Kuranda Scenic Railway for a picturesque ride through Barron Gorge.

Built between 1882 and 1891 the twenty one mile railway is considered to be a marvellous engineering feat. Although the train journey was interesting it was very hot and humid (no air-conditioning you just keep the windows open) – a lot of the views of the gorge were obscured by the fast growing trees and bushes of the rainforest. On the journey up of 1076 feet we passed magnificent waterfalls, travelled through fifteen tunnels and crossed forty bridges.

At the top of the gorge is the little turn of the century town of Kuranda which is known for its colourful markets, its artists and nature orientated activities. We could have visited the Butterfly Sanctuary, Bird World or the Koala Gardens but we were all so hot that we made a beeline for the Rainforest Restaurant and it was cold Coronas all round. As the place was air conditioned we stayed for lunch which used up most of the free time we had in Kuranda.

After lunch Irene & Alan and Vance & me boarded a gondola of the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway to glide over the rainforest canopy on our way back down to the coast a total of 7.5 kilometres. We made a quick stop at Red Peak Station to explore the rainforest up close from the boardwalk circular trail before boarding another gondola for the trip back.

It was a long six hour day so it was back to the pool for some R & R. Irene & Alan joined us for dinner with Suzie & Lance in the main restaurant.

It has been decided that we are not going to Thursday Island because of possible docking problems so we will stay another half a day in Cairns…brilliant (and it will be a welcome overnight for the staff and crew who will no doubt take full advantage)

Techie bits: On the 22nd of February 6:30am we were:
17° south and 145° east
Travelling on a compass course 201°
Speed = 1 knot
Wind speed = 4 knots
Air temperature = 24°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 12679
Depth = 6 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:14am  Sunset = 6:46pm

Townsville, Queensland – Australia

Thursday 21th February 2013

Townsville is the largest city in northern Queensland. Much of its colonial elegance is still in evidence particularly along the main riverside thoroughfare.  The city was founded by Robert Towns when he sailed up Ross Creek in 1860.

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Helen & Vance With Paige

Helen & Vance With Paige

Along the Strand, a boulevard on Cleveland Bay, stretch wide lawns and tropical gardens where you can hear the noisy chatter of mynah birds perched in the fig trees. Townsville also has the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium.

Server down so no internet this morning – just as well we are going ashore for a walkabout…in the 85f heat!! But where are all the people? – it’s just like a ghost town. We spoke to a shop keeper who told us that most people don’t get up until at least 10am so we headed to the beach for a paddle taking care to look out for stingers (jellyfish). We then walked back past the marine to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to take us back to the ship.

After a quick change it was into the pool to cool off from the high temperatures then a very late Corona and lunch at The Patio Grill.

We spent the afternoon at the pool but no siesta today as the noise from the pile drivers – they are building a new passenger cruise terminal – made it impossible to rest. I pity the poor staff that had the get some sleep this afternoon ready for their nightshift.

This evening we dined al fresco at The Patio Grill and once again tried the garlic & herb roasted suckling pig…unfortunately it was as bad as the first time and Valentina was so upset that we couldn’t eat it… we suggested that it should be removed from the menu until they can sort out the quality of the pork…in our humble opinion!! Luckily there is always so much choice of excellent food available that no one ever goes hungry.

After that it was early to bed ready for Cairns tomorrow…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 21st of February 7:15am we were:
19° south and 146° east
Travelling on a compass course 195°
Speed = 5 knots
Wind speed = 8 knots from south east
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 12502
Depth = 9 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:07am  Sunset = 6:44pm

Hamilton Island – Australia

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia.

Hamilton Island, like most in the Whitsunday group, was formed as sea levels rose creating numerous drowned mountains that are situated close to the east coast of Queensland.

In late August the island plays host to its annual Hamilton Island Race Week yachting festival in which more than one hundred and fifty yachts from across Australia and New Zealand gather for a week of races around the islands. Hamilton Island has a jet airstrip, a large boat marina and the biggest freshwater pool in the Pacific.

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Happy Anniversary Darling

Happy Anniversary Darling

Happy fifth anniversary darling – wow, wow, wow…what a beautiful place to celebrate our anniversary.

We took the tender ashore and were going to catch the local free island tour bus but we saw Irene & Alan driving by in one of the local motorised buggies – much like a golf cart – so we hitched a lift and were chauffeured around the island…well driven Alan.

During the tour of the island we bumped into (not literally) Suzie & Lance and Sarah & Paul who were also ‘buggying’ around so we continued in convoy to the highest point of the island which gave us stunning views over the bay where The Quest was at anchor. For once we were somewhere – Australia – where they drive on the correct side of the road…that’s on the left folks!!

Later we arrived at Catseye Beach where we stopped for half an hour to paddle and take some beach photos which brought back memories of our wedding on the beach in Barbados five years ago.

At twelve noon we went to the yacht club terrace bar for…yes you’ve guessed it…our noon day beers – not Coronas this time but a well needed local beer. The views from the terrace were stunning. In one direction we could see The Quest waiting patiently for our return, in another direction was the airstrip where we watched several jets arrive and there was also the view over the marina. What a wonderful island.

Back to the ship for a late lunch where we then hoped to cool off in the pool only to find that it was closed because the water that was taken on overnight contained green algae and we would have to wait until we left Hamilton Island and were back on the high seas before we could dump the water and take on fresh.

That evening when we returned to our suite there was a letter from Richard Meadows the president of Seabourn telling us that Seabourn had completed an agreement for the sale of The Pride, Spirit & Legend ships (the little sisters). He also said it is likely that Seabourn will order a new fourth ship of similar design to The Quest within the current fiscal year. I hope they ask us guests to give them some feedback on minor points that could improve the new ship even more.

After dinner in the main dining room where chef Thorsten cooked us a whole roast chicken (to share) and roast potatoes as our special anniversary meal (our choice) we returned to our suite to find a bottle of red wine wishing us happy anniversary from Vitor, the hotel manager and his staff. The wine was premium de-alcoholised wine (less than half a percent alcohol by volume)…are they trying to tell us something!!

Techie bits: On the 20th of February 7am we were:
20° south and 149° east
Travelling on a compass course 313°
Speed = 13.5 knots
Wind speed = 6 knots from south west
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 12335
Depth = 20 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 5:57am  Sunset = 6:373pm

2 Days At Sea

Monday 18th February 2013

18th February 2013

18th February 2013

At sea today, it’s 8am and…it’s raining so off to kinesis for another Craig torture session.

9am…it’s still raining…10am…and it’s still raining…11am and the sun’s finally out so we went up on deck for a coffee.

I left Vance taking some sun and popped back to our suite to catch up on my emails. Just made it back to poolside for our twelve noon beers with Irene, Alan & Vance.

Just after twelve Sarah joined us and we all stayed at The Patio Grill for lunch, a few glasses of Pinot Grigio and a lot of laughs…mostly due to Bob who kept walking by and telling us really funny jokes – or was it the wine? – no they definitely were funny. We really need another ‘Open Mike’ night like last year as there are so many natural comedians on board…hope you are reading this Handre!!

Before we knew it…it was 3pm…we had been there for three hours so it was down to the suite for a quick (two hour!!) snooze…where does the time go on this cruise?

Weather is still ‘gringly’ – a Bristol word for horrible – and the ship is rocking and rolling like a bucking bronco again as we are travelling at sixteen knot into a headwind of thirty knots…and yes it’s raining again.

Although tipping is not expected on Seabourn ships today we gave a donation to the staff welfare fund as a token of our appreciation of how well the staff and crew look after us. Donations to this fund sponsor many activities both aboard and on shore for all the sailing crew. This can include crew barbeques and purchases of items like board games, mountain bikes and other items to enrich their lifestyle on board…our thanks to ALL the Seabourn crew.

Clocks go back one hour tonight. I’ve lost track of what time it is in the UK but I think we are now 10 hours ahead.

Techie bits: On the 18th of February 7:30am we were:
31° south and 153° east
Travelling on a compass course 14°
Speed = 16 knots
Wind speed = 2 knots from south east
Air temperature = 21°c (70°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 11594
Depth = 88 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:28am  Sunset = 7:33pm

Tuesday 19th February 2013

19th February 2013

19th February 2013

Oh what a night!! (as the song goes)…I hardly slept even here midships on deck five as the ship was rolling us around all night (but Vance slept like a baby…as usual) – heaven knows what it must have been like on the higher decks or in the forward suites…and the poor crew!!

So the day went like this – kinesis, breakfast, coffee, noon beers, British lunch at The Colonnade (I had steak & ale pie with chips…naughty but nice), then a snooze…zzzzz

Oh yes at 10am I rang my sister who is on holiday in Mexico to wish her a happy birthday. It was 6pm on the 18th of February there – seems strange to wish someone a happy birthday the day after – of course it was the correct day for her though.

The sun came out late in the afternoon so after my snooze it was up to the pool for a swim and Bacardi & cokes.

Formal tonight so we ate in the main dining room where I chose Moroccan chickpea soup followed by vegetable korma while Vance had a starter portion of the korma then the slow braised lamb shank – of course accompanied by a very nice Chablis then a Douro, a rich red wine from Portugal. Needless to say we finished off with a cheese plate and a glass of port.

After that we took an early night as we want to have a whole day ashore tomorrow at Hamilton Island…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 19th of February 7am we were:
24° south and 153° east
Travelling on a compass course 319°
Speed = 14 knots
Wind speed = 30 knots from south
Air temperature = 24°c (75°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 12001
Depth = 120 metres
Humidity 65%
Sunrise = 5:35am  Sunset = 6:24pm

Sydney Day 2

Sunday 17th February 2013

No techie bits today as we haven’t moved, the only difference was the temperature – it was 22c at 8am.

At 9am Suzie & Lance, Sarah & Paul and me & Vance met up on the quayside with Margaret & Reuben who we haven’t seen for two years.  Then  we all went to pier 3 to catch the Manly ferry.

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Which Way?

Which Way?

On arriving at Manly Wharf I was surprised to find that the little beach, shops and cafes looked just like an old fashioned English seaside town. We took the Manly Scenic Path and walked out to The Spit in beautiful sunshine where we sat on strategically placed benches and admired the wonderful views. On the way back to the ferry terminal for our return journey to Circular Quay we stopped for coffee, gossip and laughs.

At 12 noon we all went to The Colonnade for a fabulous Greek style lunch after Margaret & Reuben had picked up their security badges and were cleared to come aboard.

Margaret & Reuben live the other side of the Harbour Bridge so we said our goodbyes and they started to walk home. Me  and Suzie then decided that we would walk half way across the bridge to enjoy the wonderful views out across the Opera House with the whole bay behind it – no pictures I’m afraid as I’d left my camera in my suite and Suzie’s camera had run out of juice.

My feet were killing me after all the walking so it was back to the pool for a swim and a well earned rest on my sunbed.

At 5:15 there was the  guest emergency drill (now compulsory for all guests and not just the ‘newbies’ who had come aboard at Sydney) so all guests had to go to Deck 4 for the drill. After there was a sail away party on deck.

At 6pm we sailed away – but only a few metres as there was some sort of medical emergency and we returned to the dock…again. We eventually got going again at about 7pm.

At 8pm we dined at The Patio Grill with Jeannie & Chris, Genevieve & Derek (who had all just joined the ship for the next Segment) and Irene & Alan. It was Derek’s birthday but unfortunately the wind came up and it was really cold so all us girls ended up wearing the famous Seabourn orange blankets before giving up and moving to The Colonnade for desserts, hot coffee and Derek’s birthday cake.

Sydney Day 1

Saturday 16th February 2013

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is on the south east coast of the Tasman Sea. Inhabitants of Sydney are called ‘Sydneysiders’ and comprise a cosmopolitan and international population. The city is built on hills surrounding Port Jackson which is commonly known as Sydney Harbour where the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge feature prominently. Sydney was established in 1788 at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip as a penal colony and was the first British colony in Australia.

At 10:30am we took the hop on hop off Sydney Harbour explorer ferry which stops at eight places around the different harbours. From Circular Quay we went to Fort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Shark Island, Watsons Bay, Manly, Lunar Park and Darling Harbour before returning to Circular Quay again.

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Two years ago when we were last here (on The Sojourn)the newspaper headlines called it ‘The Day Sydney Melted’ as temperatures reached 120f. Today we called it ‘The Day Sydney Drowned’ because just fifteen minutes into our hour and a half round trip cruise the heavens opened and we were hit by torrential rain…and I mean real torrential rain!!

At one point our ferry captain had to stop the boat as the rain was so severe that he couldn’t see more than five feet in front of him. The rain persisted on and off throughout the cruise but as least the ‘off’ bits were hot and sunny so we could dry out and take some photos.

We returned to The Quest for a late twelve noon beer and lunch before hitting the shops in George Street, the main shopping street, where I managed to buy (yes you’ve guessed it) a pair of shoes and a lovely silver grey top for when the weather returns to really hot as we make our way north again.

On our way back to the ship we stopped at The Rocks to wander the shops and stalls and bumped into Pauline & Steven who were having a cool beer in the oldest pub in Sydney.

After all that activity it was back to the ship for a well earned vodka and tonic before dressing for dinner at the main restaurant. There was a movie under the starts tonight – Priscilla Queen of The Desert – but needless to say we were too tired to watch it…so it was early to bed…zzzzzz

Techie bits: On the 16th of February 7:25am we were:
33° south and 151 east
Travelling on a compass course 188°
Speed = 0 knots
Wind speed =3 knots
Air temperature = 19°c (66°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 11387
Depth = 6 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:31am  Sunset = 7:46pm

At Sea & Celebration of Australia

Friday 15th February 2013

This morning when we got to kinesis we found that Craig had hurt his ankle so he sat on a balance ball giving us instructions – we thought it would be easier as he couldn’t move around – wrong!! Said goodbye to Pattie & Diane today as this was their last kinesis class – they are leaving tomorrow in Sydney…we will miss you girls…bye.

Up on deck at 11am we are cruising now at 13 knots in the twenty four degree sunshine – heavenly.

We have a winner in the ‘Guess The Weight’ competition…and in third place it was Vance…hooray but he only won a Brilliant Stars baseball cap – it will be ok for his golf when we get home. In second place was Brian so he won a piece of rock with a rough emerald in it worth $1000 and Margaret, Brian’s wife, came tenth so she won a baseball cap as well.

Now we have left Brisbane the TV is back on – definitely weird.

Valentina & Friend

Valentina & Friend

Valentina , the Patio Grill manager went ashore yesterday in Brisbane with her fiancé Andre and visited a Koala and Kangaroo Sanctuary. She gave us some great photos so we have added them to this picture show.

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At 6:30pm poolside there was a Celebration of Australia Epicurean Event. The crew transformed the pool deck into the royal botanical gardens for the pre-diner epicurean event with entertainment by a local aboriginal troupe, the Quest guest choir led by Heather and a session by John Daniel the Quest’s very own aussie boy.

After this we moved to The Colonnade for an Aussie Market Dinner. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with aboriginal art, signs and even a gecko or three and we were treated to traditional aussie fare and even a bite of crocodile…it was delicious…it tasted just like chicken.

Then it was back on deck for ‘Rock The Boat’ featuring the music of Kylie, hot disco tunes from Pricilla – Queen Of The Desert and much, much more.

We were going to go to bed early tonight but Irene persuaded us to dance and we didn’t leave until gone 11pm.

Note to self – must be up early tomorrow for the 6:30am sail in to Sydney harbour.

Techie bits: On the 15th of February 7:30am we were:
29° south and 153 east
Travelling on a compass course 173°
Speed = 16 knots
Wind speed =198 knots from south east
Air temperature = 23°c (73°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 11061
Depth = 223 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 6:25am  Sunset = 7:31pm

Brisbane & Valentine’s Day

Thursday 14th February 2013

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city. The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise are just an hour away and The Sunshine Coast is two hours north. Brisbane is located six hundred miles north of Sydney and has a semi tropical climate. The city sits astride the Brisbane River and faces the island studded Morton Bay. Within the city limits both river banks have footpaths that stretch for many miles so everything is within walking distance and conveniently place bridges link both sides.

While we were sailing up the Brisbane river this morning it was noticeably cooler…brr… hope it warms up later.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!! …and yes he did remember…

We decided to stay onboard today but the maintenance team were sanding down the woodwork around the pool so went to the small area at the back of deck five – but that was too noisy as it was right on the port. We then went to the outside area of Seabourn Square – too windy, so up we go to deck eleven forward with the big padded beds – perfect.

After a while it got too hot as there is no shade up there so it was back down to the pool deck where they had now finished the maintenance… we found sunbeds half in and half out of the sun and of course bar service on tap.

Our twelve noon beers automatically appeared at…12 noon!! then it was lunch at the Patio Grill, out for a quick walk around the Hamilton Shopping Centre then back to the ship to catch up on emails and competitions while everyone else was in Brisbane…really fast Internet today. It’s weird as we had no TV signal today but we did in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…how does that work!!

Formal Valentine’s Dinner in the main dining room – with a red rose for all the ladies (in case the men had forgotten) – then it was off to the Grand Salon to see ‘The Aussie Boys’ who entertained us with songs from the land down under.

When we returned to our suite we found the clocks had gone ‘forward’ an hour…oh no I’ve got kinesis tomorrow morning – how an earth will I be able to get up!! We are now eleven hours in front of UK time…this is getting confusing.

Techie bits: On the 14th of February 6:30am we were:
27° south and 153 east
Travelling on a compass course 286°
Speed = 6 knots
Wind speed = 8 knots from south west
Air temperature = 20°c (68°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 10841
Depth = 5 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 5:30am  Sunset = 6:33pm