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Hong Kong & Home

Saturday 9th March 2013

This morning we were invited to a 6:30am champagne breakfast sail-in party in Suzie & Lance’s suite.

The suite is at the very front of the ship so gave panoramic views from the balcony as we sailed in. We were joined by Irene & Alan and Sarah & Paul for this wonderful but last sail-in…for us!!

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We breakfasted on bucks fizz, croissants & pastries, fresh fruit and tea or coffee while watching the Kowloon & Hong Kong Island skylines appear. We even caught the sun rising at the side of the famous clock tower. From the balcony we looked down on the ‘worldies’ having their Pyjama Party sail-in on deck six…Irene said they looked like inmates from the asylum!!

After we docked we went for another breakfast on The Colonnade (Vance wanted his last full fry up – back to porridge & toast when we get home) and waited for the ship to be cleared for disembarkation…boo hoo.

Then it was back to our suite to collect our hand luggage (out valet luggage had already been collected the night before) and to say goodbye to Mari our stewardess. Thank you Mari for looking after us so well.

We then joined other guests who were disembarking in The Seabourn Square until it was time for us to finally leave the ship at 9:30am. This is always the bit I hate as we have to say goodbye to staff, crew and guests who have become part of our Seabourn family – however I am sure that we will meet some of them again when we take another Seabourn journey.

Before we handed in our passes for the last time Vitor, Handre, Heather and Heidicha were waiting to say goodbye and wish us a safe journey home and the Captain was waiting shore side to say his final goodbyes. I know that one day we will sail with Captain GA and his wife Juvy again.

Our limo was waiting for us on the pier side to take us to a hotel dayroom as our flight home to the UK was not until 11:30pm. Unfortunately this is where our six star Seabourn experience faltered as the hotel was a real disappointment…definitely not Seabourn standard!!

We spent the morning walking down Nathan Road looking at the shops (but not shopping as we have exhausted this pastime) and then ended up back at the port area and the harbour side shopping mall where not surprisingly we bumped into many of our Seabourn friends .

Our Last Noon Day Corona

Our Last Noon Day Corona

We then walked around to The Intercontinental Hotel hoping to have lunch sitting outside as it was a beautiful warm and sunny day but we were turned away as we were not residents at the hotel. So it was back up The Nathan Road as we looked for somewhere to stop for lunch. We found a little Bavarian restaurant where surprise, surprise we were able to order our noon day Coronas and share a very large plate of sandwiches & chips!!

Later it was back to our day room to bath and change before our limo returned to take us to the new airport at Lantau. Then it was back to the luxury of the business class lounge with other fellow Brit passengers to wait for the British Airways 11:30pm flight home. It was a brilliant flight with no turbulence and I slept for nearly eight out of the thirteen hour flight time.

Our friend Peter was waiting for us at Terminal Five Heathrow the next morning at 5am to drive us home…thank you Peter but next time please wear your chauffeurs hat…ha ha.

Before I finally finish this blog I would just like to say how much we’ve appreciated the new Seabourn Club points benefits…we were both lucky enough to be Platinum members for this cruise so were each able to choose 3 benefits. Vance chose the 15% savings on shore excursions (this covered both of us), the signature massage and the weekly complimentary bag of laundry. I chose the 40 minutes complimentary telephone (which meant I could talk to my sister throughout the cruise and could even phone her on her birthday while she was holidaying in Mexico), the signature massage and the weekly complimentary bag of laundry.

Having the complimentary laundry was great…between us we could have had 16 (although we only used 12) bags of complimentary laundry, one each for every 7 days onboard which meant that I didn’t have to spend time in the launderette on board either washing or ironing – the clothes came back beautifully pressed and on hangers.

And as we are now only 11 points short of becoming Diamond members (250 points) the next time we cruise we will get even more benefits…brilliant…

Thanks again to the crew, staff and guests who helped make this such a fabulous cruise and also for the great feedback from my blog followers onboard and around the world.

The blonde on a boat will definitely be cruising and blogging again so if anyone wants to be notified when I start a new blog please send your email address to

Bye until next time!!

Techie bits: On the 9th of March 6am we were:
22° north and 114° east
Travelling on a compass course 308°
Speed = 5 knots
Wind speed = 1 knots from north east
Air temperature = 16°c (61°f)
Total nautical miles sailed =16981
Depth = 15 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:37am  Sunset = 6:29pm

Fourth Day At Sea – Galley Market

Friday 8th March 2013

Woke to another beautiful morning although a lot cooler than usual and finally after all these weeks we met Jake who takes our room service order every morning, as he delivered our morning tea himself today.  He said he had heard we were leaving in Hong Kong and wanted to come and meet us and say hello in person rather than just over the phone.

It was our last kinesis class today and Craig made it even harder than usual as we had to do 10 squats between each exercise on the second circuit…so that was 70 squats…my leg muscles were burning by the end of the class…nice way to have us remember you Craig! We said goodbye to the Spa girls and Calin (who has been giving Vance deep tissue massages on his back, neck and shoulders)and also to our kinesis class mates who are staying on for the next segment or even longer – lucky devils.

When we got back to our suite it was to find that Mari, our stewardess, had put our suitcases out ready for packing…are you trying to get rid of us already Mari?

After breakfast we went to the boutique again (still more credit to spend) and bought another pair of trousers for Vance and some face creams for me…at last I’ve managed to spend it all…success!!

Our Last 12 Noon Beers On Board

Our Last 12 Noon Beers On Board

Started packing…ugh…but sent Vance to the pool deck to get him out from under my feet as he is more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to packing but he did phone me at five to twelve to tell me to come up to The Patio Grill bar because yes…it was that time…so at twelve noon we had our final Coronas on board and were joined by Irene & Alan and Sarah & Paul for this auspicious occasion.

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Lunch today was Galley Market and I had fish & chips and also sushi…yes it was back on the menu…wonderful…thanks chef Thorsten.

I took some wonderful pictures of the waiting & bar staff and I know from your comments that a lot of you blog followers love to identify staff and crew from your previous cruises…can you spot anyone you remember?

After lunch it was back to finish the packing…ugh…ugh…but at least it was done now and I could have some leisure time in the sun on deck with Vance.

It was resort casual tonight and we met up with Suzie & Lance and Irene & Alan in the Main Restaurant for a ‘last supper’ as of the six of us only Suzie & Lance would be staying on for the rest of the cruise…they’re ‘worldies’ like Sarah & Paul.

After dinner we said goodnight to Suzie & Lance and then we went to The Sky Bar where the four of us were joined by Margaret & Brian for cocktails under the stars.

We were not too late to bed as we would have to be up at 6am the next day as we were invited to a 6.30am champagne breakfast party for the sail in to Hong Kong…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 8th of March 7.20am we were:
17° north and 116° east
Travelling on a compass course 326°
Speed = 17 knots
Wind speed = 19 knots from north east
Air temperature = 23°c (73°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 16660
Depth = 3960 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:26am  Sunset = 6:21pm

Third Day At Sea

Thursday 7th March 2013

Third Day At Sea

Third Day At Sea

Kinesis was really hard today but we must keep going as there is only one more class before we leave to go home. Craig said every exercise must count because he hadn’t got much time left with us and he wanted to hone our bodies into perfect specimens…sorry Craig, this body hasn’t been perfect in a long time.

We are still trying to spend our remaining onboard credit in the shop…unfortunately Seabourn don’t allow you to ‘carry forward’ unused credit to your next cruise, which is a pity as it would tie the guests in…if they didn’t cruise with Seabourn again they would lose the outstanding credit…seems an ideal marketing strategy to me!!

Anyway we spent quite a long time in the boutique trying to find clothes for me but either I didn’t like the designs or they didn’t have my size…most things left on the rails were really small sizes and I know Craig has been working me hard but there is no way I’d get into a size 10 or size 12…sigh, maybe next year…and no rude comments from you Vance.

Needless to say Vance found several things he liked (and they fitted him of course but then he is skinny…ok…athletically built!!)so we bought him shorts and trousers both Ralph Lauren Polo – both at a very good price. I forgot to tell you before but we passed a Ralph Lauren factory in Bali – perhaps we should have gone in there!!

Techie bits: On the 7th of March 7am we were:
12° north and 120° east
Travelling on a compass course 302°
Speed = 17 knots
Wind speed = 5 knots from west
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 16252
Depth = 260 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:09am  Sunset = 6:07pm

Another Day At Sea

Wednesday 6th March 2013

Squeeze In Team

Squeeze In Team

Kinesis this morning was really hard – could be something to do with that brandy chaser I had last night and the dancing until midnight!!

Lovely temperature today so we spent the morning at the pool. We had lunch at The Colonnade – it was Mexican. Nino arranged for us to have English cut chips – perfect with the chilli con carne. Thanks Nino it was really appreciated.

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Back to the pool for a snooze but then we were woken by a shout from Arlene who was sat at the end of the pool – the water was moving back and forwards so much that it went over her head soaking her. This was the signal for all of us to get into the pool and enjoy the waves. Not only fun but a good workout trying to keep in the middle of the pool.

At 4:15pm there was a jewellery show in the Observation Lounge presented by Wayne Revely who was showing his Australian Opal & Pearl Collection using some guests as models. Sarah looked absolutely fabulous in a golden pearl necklace and earrings – I think that would look lovely on me Vance if you’re feeling flush!!  and Tatjana was wearing the star of the show a $2 million dollar rare opal necklace. We enjoyed earl grey tea and sandwiches while we watched the gals show off the beautiful gems.

At 6:45pm there was an Asian Epicurean event at The Pool Deck where guests enjoyed cocktails & canapes and Asian songs from famous musicals by our Seabourn singers. Heather and her team had decorated the deck so that it look like a scene from Miss Saigon. Lots of the guests wore something oriental and the whole event was a beautiful photographic opportunity.

The Colonnade then had an Asian Inspired Cuisine Market and at 9:15pm it was back to the poolside for a ‘Wok The Boat’ under the stars evening.

A fantastic time was had by everyone but unfortunately this will be the closest we get to celebrate Asia this time as we get off in Hong King…Boo!!

Techie bits: On the 6th of March 7am we were:
5° north and 119° east
Travelling on a compass course 006°
Speed = 17 knots
Wind speed = 20 knots from north
Air temperature = 27°c (81°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 15836
Depth = 277 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:11am  Sunset = 6:13pm

Day At Sea – Crossing The Equator

Tuesday 5th March 2013

Today was the day that the rains came down – we were on our way to kinesis when there was a tremendous rain storm and when we looked out at the pool Henk & Marlies were having their morning swim… they truly were water babies…despite the pouring rain they kept swimming up and down the pool. The torrential rain came down for about 45 minutes then the sun came out and started drying everything up.

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After kinesis when we got to the Colonnade for breakfast the staff had just finished drying off all the tables at the back edge of the terrace that had got soaked earlier.  Then 10 minutes later the rain came back and it poured down again…luckily we were sat at a middle row table so stayed dry but those guests sat at the back edge got soaked. We will be re-crossing the equator later in the day so King Neptune must be angry about something…could it be the Pollywogs???

After our 12 noon Coronas we stayed at the Patio Grill for lunch. About an hour later there was a long, loud horn blast from the ship…at first we thought the Captain was warning another ship to get out of our way..but no…it was his tribute to the exact moment we crossed the equator from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Vance joked with one of the new waiting staff that if she looked closely she would see a very faint line in the sea…for a minute she almost believed him.

Captain & Staff Captain

Captain & Staff Captain

At 3pm the official Crossing The Equator Ceremony took place and once again four Pollywogs  volunteered to face the wrath of King Neptune and his court on behalf of the whole ship and suffer any punishment he chose to give them.  The photos are brilliant.

At 8pm we went down to the Main Dining Room for dinner with Margaret & Brian and Irene & Alan – it was a sort of farewell dinner as only Margaret & Brian are staying on after Hong Kong…boo hoo…I don’t want to get off…please can I be the official Seabourn blogger and travel the world telling everyone about how fabulous these journeys can be!!

Showtime tonight was Sarah Chandler an International Saxophonist. Then it was down to the Club where we were joined for drinks by Chilly, our resident dancer and Vincent, the Spa Manager. Chilly then led me astray by insisting we danced until 12 midnight. I can tell you it was a serious workout trying to keep up with her and not something I would normally do…it must be ‘countdown to going home’ syndrome!!  I was exhausted when I finally fell into bed…and I have kinesis at 8am tomorrow…oh no I mean today!!

Techie bits: On the 5th of March 7:10am we were:
1° south and 119° east
Travelling on a compass course 012°
Speed = 17.5 knots
Wind speed = 19 knots from north east
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 15413
Depth = 1990 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:11am  Sunset = 6:19pm

Pare Pare, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Monday 4th March 2013

Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia. It is one of the four Sunda Islands and the world’s eleventh largest island and is situated between Borneo and The Maluku Islands. The strait of Makassar runs along the western side of the island and separates the island from Borneo.

One hundred and fifty guests got up early today to get a room service breakfast before leaving the ship at 7am for the eleven and a half hour tour to Torajaland. The main feature of the tour was the Tau-Tau life size effigies that symbolise the continuity of life and are placed on a cliff face to watch over the local village.

The people of Toraja spend their lives amassing wealth with the sole objective of providing for the finest funeral possible. Because of the cost of the funeral the ceremony is often delayed for years.

Needless to say we were not among the guests who took this tour but we did get up to wave them goodbye.

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On the dock there were local children dancing and doing balancing tricks at the bottom of the gangway, so we gathered up the rest of our Seabourn chocolates and gave them to Handre who was at the top of the gangway to take down and give to the children as we were still in our PJs.

We had a lazy breakfast at 7:30am but there was hardly anyone else there and then at 9am we decided to go into the local town for a walk.

We walked around for about half an hour seeing a local church and some minaret towers and then chatted to some children in the local school – their English was so good. Everyone was so friendly even the local police officers wanted their photo taken with us.

A Tight Fit

A Tight Fit

We then took a trishaw for a quick tour of the town. The driver looked about ninety but insisted he could take both of us in one trishaw. At one point he was cycling the wrong side of the road but luckily the traffic parted to go either side of us. It was so hot and humid we soon decided to go back to the ship for a swim and a cold drink. This was followed by our usual noon day Coronas then lunch at The Colonnade where there was a heaven sent breeze.

Then it was back to the pool for the afternoon before Vance disappeared at 4:30pm for yet another massage.

The tour should have returned at about 6:30pm so we decided to have drinks on our balcony while we waited for the return of the weary travellers. They finally arrived at 7:15pm looking shattered but glad to be back to their Home Away From Home.

Then there was the quickest gangway retrieval ever as the ship should have sailed at 7pm…well done crew.

Before dinner we went for drinks with Margo as it was her birthday then met up with Irene & Alan (two of the weary travellers) for an al fresco dinner at The Grill and a catch-up on their day. There was a lovely breeze as we were now out at sea. After such an early start I think the whole of the ship had an early night…us included…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 4th of March 7:10am we were:
4° south and 119° east
Travelling on a compass course 013°
Speed = 0 knots
Wind speed = 2 knots
Air temperature = 28°c (82°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 15222
Depth = 8 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:08am  Sunset = 6:18pm

Day At Sea

Sunday 3rd March 2013

Back at sea for a day so time for kinesis. I enjoyed today as it was my sort of exercises…no planks.

After breakfast it was back to our suite to complete a blog (we had some catching up to do) and then up to the pool deck for some sun and socialising.

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Coronas at noon then lunch with Irene & Alan at The Colonnade with just a ‘few’ glasses of white wine. Lunch finally finished about two hours later…it was one of those days!!

At 4pm we were invited for drinks with Tatjana & Ulf in their Wintergarden Suite or should I say their Grand Wintergarden Suite as they also took the adjoining suite which has a connecting door for Ulf to use as an office. Tatjana gave me a guided tour…wow…this is a fabulous suite..guess we’d better start saving our pennies!!

We were also joined by their friends Siv & Robert. We all had caviar & champagne (Vance had a whisky) and spent an enjoyable hour chatting and sharing travel memories.

Helen With Lance & Suzie

Helen With Lance & Suzie

At 6:30pm there was another Epicurean Evening with the officers & crew but we missed it as we were getting ready for our Sojourn World Cruise…two years ago… Reunion Dinner. We hijacked the Captain’s hosting table and ten of us (Suzie & Lance, Sarah & Paul, Hizzy & Masa, Ralph & Mark and of course Vance & I) enjoyed a long and interesting dinner reminiscing about our past cruise together and wondering when the ten of us would get together again for another world cruise.

The party broke up really late and at 10:30pm Vance & I went up to The Sky Bar which has now been reopened from 10pm – 11pm (thanks Vitor) for late night drinks. Then it was off to bed…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 3rd of March 7am we were:
7° south and 116° east
Travelling on a compass course 046°
Speed = 15 knots
Wind speed = 13 knots from north
Air temperature = 27°c (81°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 14924
Depth = 1280 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:19am  Sunset = 6:33pm

Bali, Indonesia – Day 2

Saturday 2nd March 2013

Nice Skirts!!

Nice Skirts!!

There were several organised tours today but most of them were for six hours or more which is much too long for us as we prefer only three to four hours if possible, so Vance went out into the port area and bartered for an air conditioned car and driver to take us on a four hour tour. It was only forty dollars…well bartered Vance. We had decided we wanted to go to Batuan to see The Pura Puseh Temple.

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So off we set with Nick our driver passing through several arts and craft areas on the way. It appeared that every village specialised in a different art form – either woodcarving, painting or silver working etc.

The Balinese think that the world has to be balanced between the forces of good and evil, both equally powerful and ceaselessly active. The black and white sarong that you see on statues symbolises that struggle.

When we arrived at Batuan, Nick took us to see The Fat Baby Buddha which was on a traffic island in the middle of three roads. Fat Baby is said to be the biggest Buddha statue in Bali.

From here we went to the Pura Puseh Temple where Vance and I had to wear a skirt-like sarong before we could enter the temple. Walking around we saw lots of Balinese who were chanting and playing musical instruments as an offering to their gods.

After making a donation to the temple we jumped back into the cool of our car and Nick drove us back to the UC Silver factory. Here we were shown the workshops which seemed very basic but were still able to produce beautiful and unique pieces of silverware. We strolled through the showroom but everything was too intricate for my taste…Vance was so pleased…we didn’t buy anything!!

From here we drove to Sanur where there are top class hotels and beautiful beaches. Only one high rise hotel was built at Sanur before a law prohibited any building higher than the palm trees. This has made the area much more attractive.

We walked along the promenade and then I saw someone selling watches…again…while I was negotiating to buy a ‘genuine’ Dior watch Vance was arranging a thirty minute massage on the beach. We both paid five dollars each for our bargains…not sure who got the best deal…Vance’s massage is over but I’ve still got the watch!!

While Vance was having his massage I paddled in the wonderful clear waters but soon it was time to leave so we jumped back in the car and returned to the ship. Nick had looked after us so well that Vance gave him a ten dollar tip and I gave him a bag of the Seabourn chocolates for his three children…thank you Nick.

After a late lunch at The Patio Grill and our Coronas of course we got into the pool for a cool off and then enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on the sun beds…zzzzz

At 6.30pm that night there was a Balinese Folkloric Show at the poolside and then we enjoyed a seafood market dinner at The Colonnade before falling into bed at 10pm…a really exhausting but enjoyable day…zzzzz

No Techie bits As We’re Still In Port:

Bali, Indonesia – Day 1

Friday 1st March 2013

Bali is a province in the country of Indonesia. The main island is located in the western most end of the Lesser Sunda  Islands lying between Java in the west and Lombok in the east.

Ninety three percent of Bali’s population is Balinese Hinduism while most of the remainder follow Islam. It is also the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned by its highly developed arts including wooden sculpture, painting, leather, metal working and music.

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I can’t believe it despite going to bed by ten thirty last night we didn’t wake up until seven thirty this morning…I must have been tired.

Fabulous temperature today as there is a balmy breeze just right for some early morning sunbathing…but by twelve noon the breeze had gone and it was hot and steamy…just the right time for a Corona.

The Quest arrived in Bali at 1pm so we watched the sail in with Sarah & Paul over lunch at The Colonnade. After lunch we went into the port for a walk and got swamped by locals selling their wares. I bought two beautiful hand fans one in black and white, my favourite and one in amber shades for my sister for just four dollars. Then there were two silk pashminas for ten dollars each but my best bargain was a “genuine” Chanel black ceramic watch for just five dollars…note to self must get some more dollar bills from Vance.

Party On Gals

Party On Gals

At 5:30pm most of the ship left to go on a complimentary Seabourn event for a dinner and Balinese performance in Taman Bhagawan. It was about one hour’s drive away from the port but we did get to see part of Dempasar, Bali’s capital and largest city on our way to the event.

On arrival we were met by a festival procession of young children carrying candles, Balinese dancers and many musicians.

Once inside the venue our dining tables were laid out around a beautiful fountained water feature where we dined on typical Balinese cuisine while watching the Balinese show. The feature of the show was the Kecak dance where men crouch in concentric circles around a flickering lamp and call and chant a ‘chak-a-chak’ sound that gives the dance its name. The dance tells the story of the abduction of Sita and her rescue by two armies of monkeys.

After the dinner it was back in the coach for the journey back to the ship where we were met by a fantastic singing and dancing welcome by lots of the Seabourn staff and crew…wow…it was good to be home!!

We then went to The Sky Bar for late night drinks before falling into bed exhausted…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 1st of March 7:30am we were:
9° south and 116° east
Travelling on a compass course 279°
Speed = 13 knots
Wind speed = 12 knots from north west
Air temperature = 28°c (82°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 14766
Depth = 2570 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:19am  Sunset = 6:36pm

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Thursday 28th February 2013

Hey Ugly

Hey Ugly

The Komodo Dragon also known as the Komodo Monitor is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian Islands especially Komodo Island. It is the largest species of lizard growing to a maximum length of three metres (ten foot) and can weigh up to one hundred and fifty kilograms (330 pounds)

Their unusual size has been attributed to island gigantism since no other carnivorous animals fill the niche on the islands where they live.

The diet of the big dragons mainly consist of deer although they also eat carrion. Young Komodo dragons are vulnerable so dwell in trees safe from predators and cannibalistic adults. Some Komodo dragons live up to thirty years.

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Fresh from his success at last night’s Open Mike event Vance thought we could still get up at 6am…I soon put him straight as I didn’t get to bed until twelve midnight and I still needed my seven plus hours sleep.

We went ashore on our tour at 10:30am and…we saw dragons…lots of dragons!! During our trek through the rainforest we were caught in a downpour and everyone was given brightly coloured ponchos to wear. We were offered a  choice of blue, green or red ( a real M&M moment)

Unfortunately the guide had just told one of the guests not to let his red anorak hang down around his legs (he had tied it around his waist) as the dragons might be attracted to the colour…needless to say no one wanted the red ponchos…we chose green!!

Luckily the rain didn’t last long as the ponchos were hot and claustrophobic so I quickly took mine off. I think I’d rather have got wet than put it on again.

On returning from the rainforest we went through a covered market where locals were selling wooden carved Komodo dragons and other local trinkets. Vance treated me to a string of freshwater pearls and I bought a small wooden dragon as a memento of this fascinating island.

We finally returned to the ship at 2:30pm after dodging more downpours and after washing and changing it was up to The Colonnade for cold Coronas and lunch.

Sail away was at 5pm but hardly anyone came up for drinks as I think most people were exhausted from the trek and the hot and humid weather.

At 7pm Seabourn threw a barbeque dinner in The Spa Villa for all Grand Voyager guests – people like us who are on for two segments or more but not for the whole world cruise.

We were really tired so instead of going to the show with our friends we had a drink on the back deck outside of The Club on deck five then it was off to bed…it was only 10:30pm…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 28th of February 7:20am we were:
9° south and 119° east
Travelling on a compass course 318°
Speed = 13 knots
Wind speed = 23 knots from north
Air temperature = 28°c (82°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 14522
Depth = 830 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:05am  Sunset = 6:22pm