At Sea 2 days – Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th February 2015

Wednesday 11th – Fabulous day, we spent the morning by (and in) the pool, had a few glasses of champers to celebrate Donna’s birthday, then for lunch we all had Cod and English cut chips at the Colannade (British lunch…we could have had Steak & Kidney pie, Cottage pie or …Chicken Masala…yes I know very British, but it tastes great!!)

Pool Party

Pool Party

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Clocks go 1 hour forward tonight so I think we are now back to 8 hours ahead of UK time…but I’m so confused with all these time changes back and forward…that who knows!!…and as Vance says who cares.

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 18:10
Location: 11.16 north, 97.16 east
Speed: 14 knots
Temp: 27c 81f
Distance from Thilawa/Rangoon: 333 nms
Distance to Lumut: 185 nms
Humidity: 64%
Sunrise: 06:53
Sunset: 18:37
Sea Depth: 410 ft
Winds: 4mph from North

Thursday 12th – Hot again today …82f/33c… so guess where we were…in the pool of course. Dinner in the Main restaurant tonight with Suzie & Lance and Irene & Alan…a sort of farewell dinner as Irene & Alan get off in Singapore in a few days time. We had pre-dinner cocktails in Suzie & Lance’s suite at the front of the ship…I love this suite, perhaps one day we will be able to have a Signature Suite (hint, hint…or a lottery win)…everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us…