At Sea – 6th January 2015

Not much to tell today as we are at sea on our way to Port Elizabeth.

We have spent the day acclimatising to the hot, sunny weather on the pool deck and catching up with friends from past cruises. Great lunch on deck at the Grill…barbeque ribs and salad with lots of cold Pinot Grigio.

We even managed an impromptu champagne get together at the edge of the pool in the late afternoon but I forgot my camera so…sorry…no photos!! But don’t worry as there will be many more champagne parties and photos to come.

On Our Way To Port Elizabeth

On Our Way To Port Elizabeth

For those of you that like the techy bits…here they are:
Time: 18:05
Location: 34:48 south, 23:09 east
Speed: 11 knots
Temp: 21c 70f
Distance from Cape Town: 296 nms
Distance to Port Elizabeth: 132 nms
Humidity: 62%
Sea Depth: 420 feet
Sunrise: 05:21
Sunset: 19:44