At Sea And Raratonga

Friday 1st February 2013

Oh what a night!! the ship was rocking and rolling all night and the suite creaked and groaned in time with the movement but we did sleep well.

8am was kinesis and the sea was still very rough so our instructor Craig changed the exercises from balance to core strength as there was no way anyone could have done lunges with weights while the ship was moving so much.

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No pool today as the water would have created its own wave pattern and may have flooded the Patio Grill area so most people spent the day in the Seabourn Square or their suites reading and catching up on things like laundry and general items. Apparently the Spa was very busy.

Oh what a day!! now we have computer problems as the blog will not upload but it could be that everyone is on the Internet and the bandwidth can’t cope. Will try again tomorrow.

Formal tonight in the main dining room and it was a chef’s special meal of six courses. The menu was:
Trio Of Foie Gras
Watercress Soup
Vanilla Poached Lobster
Basil & Lime Sorbet
Grilled Wahoo or Braised Veal
Lemon Mousse & Caramel Lava
Selection of Petit Fours

We didn’t eat it all…

From dinner we went to The Club for after dinner drinks and we were soon joined by our other friends and then more people joined us…The after dinner group is growing!!

Techie bits: On the 1st of February 7:15am we were:
18° south and 154° west
Travelling on a compass course 233°
Speed = 16 knots
Wind speed = 21 knots from south
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 7534
Depth = 4610 metres
Humidity 65%
Sunrise = 6:05am Sunset = 6:58pm

Raratonga – Saturday 2nd February 2013

Raratonga is the most populous island of the Cook Islands. Because it is the most populated island Cook islanders are often referred to as Raratongans although they may come from any of the fourteen island in the group. The rich soil formed on worn-down volcanic slopes produces wonderful citrus fruits, pineapples, tomatoes, bananas and coconuts – the islands main exports.

Hooray we’ve actually arrived at Raratonga. Everyone is so excited because it’s so difficult for ships to anchor here at this time of the year. Two years ago when we were last here the captain didn’t even attempt to stop because of the rough seas.

A Disappointed Irene & Vance

A Disappointed Irene & Vance

We have a round-the-island tour at 9am so rushed to breakfast at 8am. Half way through breakfast the Captain announced that the swell was too high and unpredictable to be able to launch the tenders, so nobody gets to go to Raratonga … again!! At least this time I did manage to take some photos of the island…just to prove that it does exist as nobody we know has set foot on this island in the last four years!!

Seabourn quickly re-arranged the day’s itinerary as we would now be having another day at sea.

Tonight we dined with Ingrid & Arnie at The Colonnade for a Scandinavian Dinner. After it was off to The Grand Salon for violin duo Laszlo & Claudia who play anything from Bach to Bacharach. I particularly liked their gypsy music.

We decided to have an early night after the show so it was off to bed at 10:30pm but as the clocks went back another hour tonight it was actually 9:30pm…even better…a great night’s sleep…zzzzzz

Techie bits: On the 2nd of February 7:30am we were:
21° south and 159° west
Travelling on a compass course : 084°
Speed = 2.5 knots
Wind speed = 15 knots from east
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 7878
Depth = 1860 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 6:22am Sunset =7:23pm