At Sea & Celebration of Australia

Friday 15th February 2013

This morning when we got to kinesis we found that Craig had hurt his ankle so he sat on a balance ball giving us instructions – we thought it would be easier as he couldn’t move around – wrong!! Said goodbye to Pattie & Diane today as this was their last kinesis class – they are leaving tomorrow in Sydney…we will miss you girls…bye.

Up on deck at 11am we are cruising now at 13 knots in the twenty four degree sunshine – heavenly.

We have a winner in the ‘Guess The Weight’ competition…and in third place it was Vance…hooray but he only won a Brilliant Stars baseball cap – it will be ok for his golf when we get home. In second place was Brian so he won a piece of rock with a rough emerald in it worth $1000 and Margaret, Brian’s wife, came tenth so she won a baseball cap as well.

Now we have left Brisbane the TV is back on – definitely weird.

Valentina & Friend

Valentina & Friend

Valentina , the Patio Grill manager went ashore yesterday in Brisbane with her fiancé Andre and visited a Koala and Kangaroo Sanctuary. She gave us some great photos so we have added them to this picture show.

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At 6:30pm poolside there was a Celebration of Australia Epicurean Event. The crew transformed the pool deck into the royal botanical gardens for the pre-diner epicurean event with entertainment by a local aboriginal troupe, the Quest guest choir led by Heather and a session by John Daniel the Quest’s very own aussie boy.

After this we moved to The Colonnade for an Aussie Market Dinner. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with aboriginal art, signs and even a gecko or three and we were treated to traditional aussie fare and even a bite of crocodile…it was delicious…it tasted just like chicken.

Then it was back on deck for ‘Rock The Boat’ featuring the music of Kylie, hot disco tunes from Pricilla – Queen Of The Desert and much, much more.

We were going to go to bed early tonight but Irene persuaded us to dance and we didn’t leave until gone 11pm.

Note to self – must be up early tomorrow for the 6:30am sail in to Sydney harbour.

Techie bits: On the 15th of February 7:30am we were:
29° south and 153 east
Travelling on a compass course 173°
Speed = 16 knots
Wind speed =198 knots from south east
Air temperature = 23°c (73°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 11061
Depth = 223 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 6:25am  Sunset = 7:31pm

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    Hi Richard….thanks for following the blog. Re the Colonnade…yes you can dress casually there even on formal nights…Vance loves it because he doesn’t have to wear a jacket or tie…and as for the food…well the main restaurant usually has 3 choices for each course while the Colonnade is either a choice of two for each course or a ‘market’ option which is like an open buffet meal with hot and cold food based on a theme …say Spanish or Australian etc. Also there is always a Classic menu that you can choose from where ever you choose to dine. We also may be doing the world cruise in 2015…depends on the itinerary….you will love it.

  2. Richard

    been reading your blog love it. we have been on 2 Seabourn cruise both on small ships. Plan on taking the world cruise (2015) after we retire next year. I have a question. I noticed you dine mostly in The Colonnade instead of the main restaurant. Is that because the dress regulation is different ie when its jacket night in the main restaurant you can dress resort causal in The Colonnade. Also is the food different between to two restaurants? Again love the blog and can’t wait for me and the wife to experience the 2015 work cruise. Save travels.

    Richard & Maika

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