At Sea – Crossing The Equator – Friday 23rd January 2015

The ceremony of crossing the line is an initiation rite that commemorates a sailor’s first crossing of the equator. Sailors who have already crossed the equator are known as Shellbacks and those that have not are called Pollywogs.

The ritual is presided over by King Neptune and his wife but this year King Neptune wanted to choose a new wife and asked us to help him make his decision. There were three candidates until a fourth muscled her way in and tried to steal his heart. This glamorous blonde was soon sent on her way and the unanimous decision went to the beautiful Viking.

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Reuben was the only guest that was still a Pollywog and so was brought before King Neptune to await his fate. After taking his punishment he now joined us as the ship’s newest Shellback.
King Neptune being pleased with his new bride, blessed us all and gave the Sojourn permission to pass through his equatorial domain.

Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy