At Sea – Galley Market

Tuesday 12th February 2013

Kinesis was really hard today – guess that’s because we’ve had 2 days off as we only do kinesis on sea days.

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Galley Market

Galley Market

Galley Market lunch and we had a table for 6 – Irene & Alan, Margaret & Brian and us – it’s really brilliant when Brian, Alan & Vance get together…it’s like having our own private comedy show!!

Brian & Alan both had a whole crab each and managed to get it all over the tablecloth and the repartee flowed fast and furious so we spent most of lunch laughing. I was a little disappointed as there was no sushi and chef Thorsten said he’d changed the Galley Market menu this time  so I had vegetable fried rice (or flied lice – no garlic as Irene would say) and Wiener Schnitzel which was lovely.

I went to Rodney Rahmani’s third emerald lecture at 2:30pm and then stayed on for the ‘prize draw’ – a beautiful necklace – needless to say I didn’t win….boo!!…(by the way I didn’t  win the pearl enhancer prize earlier in the cruise either)

At 5:30pm our suite bell rang and it was room service. I said I hadn’t ordered anything and was told it was a special request from the chef and the galley team…you’ve guessed it…chef had sent us a ‘little’ (his words) plate of sushi (about 20 pieces) complete with wasabi and dipping soy sauce – now that’s what I call Seabourn Style – thank you chef Thorsten.

Tonight Arnie & Ingrid threw a farewell dinner party in the main restaurant as they are leaving in Sydney. There were twelve of us in total and apologies to other diners if we were a little noisy.

After dinner most of us went to the Seabourn Square to continue the party with liquor coffees and even more alcohol which continued until 11pm when the coffee shop finally closed. It was definitely time for bed after all that…zzzzz

Clocks back one hour tonight.

Techie bits: On the 12th of February 7.00am we were:
23° south and 163° east
Travelling on a compass course 249°
Speed = 15 knots
Wind speed = 15 knots from east
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 10203
Depth = 2260 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 5:53am  Sunset = 6:49pm