At Sea – Saturday 28th February 2015

At breakfast this morning outside at the rear of the Colannade we were buzzed by two fighter jets…guess they were Chinese…shows how close we are to the Chinese mainland.

Also the captain had to navigate around large lobster pots (or whatever they were) that were in long lines across the sea. Luckily we sailed through without catching anything on the propellers although from the engine noise change I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped the engines and just floated through…just to be on the safe side. Just a thought, I wonder if we have divers onboard who could have cleared the propellers if it had been necessary.

The day was cloudy with outbreaks of squally showers and the temperature was a disappointing 21c/69f at mid-day…brrr…hope it’s warmer in Hong Kong tomorrow…

On Our Way

On Our Way

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 16:48
Location: 20.25 north, 111.24 east
Speed: 17 knots
Temp: 22c/72f
Distance from Halong Bay: 261.4 nms
Distance to Hong Kong: 216.7 nms
Humidity: 93%
Sunrise: 06:55
Sunset: 18:38
Sea Depth: 140 ft
Winds: 17mph from South East