At Sea – Saturday 7th February 2015

Fabulous day, humidity really low only 58% but temperature reached 91f/33c at mid-day.

All Mine...

All Mine…



Had a special bottle of champagne at 12 noon…well Vance had a Corona as usual…it was the Premier Juillet that Seabourn sent to our suite. We shared it with Irene and Alan and also had caviar with it…as I said, fabulous. Then a superb lunch in the Colannade before sleeping off the effects of the champagne and then off to the Colannade again for dinner…we both had white tomato cappuccino soup followed by tournedo of beef Rossini…delicious but very filling.

A half an hour back tonight…I definitely need that extra half an hour after today’s antics…which means we are now only 6.5 hours ahead of UK time.