At Sea – Thursday 26th February 2015

Another lovely day with the temperature reaching 31c/87f at noon and a slight but steady breeze which made it feel cooler…needless to say we were in our usual spot on the pool deck or lazing in the pool to cool off.

Today the Captain and Gail, his wife, joined us for a noon Corona and then stayed with us for lunch on the Patio Grill.

The Bake Off Competition

The Bake Off Competition

There was a Cook-Off between Marco, the Food & Beverage Manager and Neal, the Executive Chef, to see who could make the best subway sandwich. Marco was offering roast turkey with all the trimmings whilst Neil made pulled pork…and then we had to vote for our favourite…decisions, decisions. Gail originally chose to try the turkey sandwich and voted for Marco, but then when I said how good my pulled pork sandwich was…she tried one and then voted for Neal as well. Actually a vote for each of them was probably the fairest as both sandwiches were delicious.

Come On Marco...Come On Neal

Come On Marco…Come On Neal