At Sea – Wednesday 14th January to Saturday 17th January 2015

Wednesday 14th – Quite rough seas this morning and a strong wind blowing across the pool deck, but still very hot. Most of the guests are either at the Madagascar lecture or in the Seabourn Square indulging in morning coffee and cake or using the Internet.

Lunchtime at the grill our Indian chefs invited us to an Indian live lunch which they cooked in front of us…it was delicious…this was washed down by cool crispy Corona… of course!!


Indian Live Cooking

Not feeling too well today I think I may have finally succumbed to the flu bug that has been circulating the ship since before we got on in Cape Town. Rumour has it that over 55% of the guests have caught it at some time since the beginning of the cruise in Barcelona…so I’m in good company!!

Tonight we went to the main dining room for the chef’s dinner but I could hardly eat any of it… but the highlight of the evening was a performance by Journey South – two brothers from Middlesbrough in the UK who came third in the X-Factor some years ago.

Clocks go forward one hour at midnight tonight.

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 16:00
Location: 25.39 south, 38.08 east
Speed: 15 knots
Temp: 27c 81f
Distance from Maputo: 325 nms
Distance to Madagascar: 500 nms
Humidity: 79%
Sunrise: 04:48
Sunset: 18:23
Sea Depth: 12270 ft
Winds: 23 mph from South East

Thursday 15th – We are now three hours in front of the UK. All last night the ship rocked and rolled due to high seas and strong winds. Thank goodness we are on deck five and midships.

I’m still not feeling good and believe it or not folks after nearly three hundred sailing days I have finally succumbed to sea-sickness…hope it’s only due to the flu bug as usually I’m a very good sailor …not a happy bunny.

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 17:10
Location: 25.41 south, 44.46 east
Speed: 10 knots
Temp: 26c 79f
Distance from Maputo: 670 nms
Distance to Madagascar: 135 nms
Humidity: 82%
Sunrise: 05:23
Sunset: 18:57
Sea Depth: 770 ft
Winds: 45 mph from the East

Friday 16th
– Today we should be in Madagascar but due to the weather conditions with 2 cyclones in the area we cannot go into port as the harbour master has closed the harbour to all ships so we now have yet another day at sea on our way to La Possession, Reunion…boo!!…as a large majority of the guests were doing this segment in order to go to Madagascar to see the lemurs, you can imagine there are a lot of grumpy people onboard at the moment.

Hope we can keep ahead of the cyclones as the seas are already rough enough and despite taking sea sickness pills and wearing wrist bands I still feel dreadful.

Clocks go forward one hour at midnight tonight. We will now be 4 hours in front of UK time.

Saturday 17th – More bad news…The Captain has just announced that the harbour master at La Possession, Reunion will not allow any more ships to enter so we are now missing the island and are making our stormy way to Mauritius…we hope!! We have all now had enough of rough days at sea so hopefully we can finally step on dry land tomorrow.

Margaret and Reuben’s anniversary dinner tonight in Restaurant 2 with Suzie & Lance… it was a fabulous evening but unfortunately I was still too unwell to eat anything…the upside to sea sickness is that the inches are falling off but it doesn’t seem that way at two in the morning!!


Happy Anniversary Margaret & Reuben

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 19:30
Location: 20.56 south, 55.09 east
Speed: 12.5 knots
Temp: 26c 79f
Distance from Reunion: 1 nm
Distance to Mauritius: 145 nms
Humidity: 79%
Sunrise: 05:51
Sunset: 19:06
Sea Depth: 3730 ft
Winds: 36 mph from the North East

Too Rough

Too Rough