Bali, Indonesia – Day 2

Saturday 2nd March 2013

Nice Skirts!!

Nice Skirts!!

There were several organised tours today but most of them were for six hours or more which is much too long for us as we prefer only three to four hours if possible, so Vance went out into the port area and bartered for an air conditioned car and driver to take us on a four hour tour. It was only forty dollars…well bartered Vance. We had decided we wanted to go to Batuan to see The Pura Puseh Temple.

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So off we set with Nick our driver passing through several arts and craft areas on the way. It appeared that every village specialised in a different art form – either woodcarving, painting or silver working etc.

The Balinese think that the world has to be balanced between the forces of good and evil, both equally powerful and ceaselessly active. The black and white sarong that you see on statues symbolises that struggle.

When we arrived at Batuan, Nick took us to see The Fat Baby Buddha which was on a traffic island in the middle of three roads. Fat Baby is said to be the biggest Buddha statue in Bali.

From here we went to the Pura Puseh Temple where Vance and I had to wear a skirt-like sarong before we could enter the temple. Walking around we saw lots of Balinese who were chanting and playing musical instruments as an offering to their gods.

After making a donation to the temple we jumped back into the cool of our car and Nick drove us back to the UC Silver factory. Here we were shown the workshops which seemed very basic but were still able to produce beautiful and unique pieces of silverware. We strolled through the showroom but everything was too intricate for my taste…Vance was so pleased…we didn’t buy anything!!

From here we drove to Sanur where there are top class hotels and beautiful beaches. Only one high rise hotel was built at Sanur before a law prohibited any building higher than the palm trees. This has made the area much more attractive.

We walked along the promenade and then I saw someone selling watches…again…while I was negotiating to buy a ‘genuine’ Dior watch Vance was arranging a thirty minute massage on the beach. We both paid five dollars each for our bargains…not sure who got the best deal…Vance’s massage is over but I’ve still got the watch!!

While Vance was having his massage I paddled in the wonderful clear waters but soon it was time to leave so we jumped back in the car and returned to the ship. Nick had looked after us so well that Vance gave him a ten dollar tip and I gave him a bag of the Seabourn chocolates for his three children…thank you Nick.

After a late lunch at The Patio Grill and our Coronas of course we got into the pool for a cool off and then enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on the sun beds…zzzzz

At 6.30pm that night there was a Balinese Folkloric Show at the poolside and then we enjoyed a seafood market dinner at The Colonnade before falling into bed at 10pm…a really exhausting but enjoyable day…zzzzz

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