Bora Bora

Thursday 31st  January 2013

Bora Bora is said to be called the Romantic Island and also the Pearl of the Pacific. The perfect white sand beaches give way to emerald waters where coloured fish swim the coral gardens and dance with the giant manta rays. It was originally called Pora Pora meaning first born from the legend describing this as the first island to rise when Taaroa, the supreme god, fished it out of the waters. When Captain Cook first heard the name he mistook the softened sound of the Tahitian ‘P’ for ‘B’ and called the island Bora Bora – this is strange as there is no letter ‘B’ in the language.

Phew…it’s hot – at breakfast the humidity was really high and everyone couldn’t wait to get ashore and hopefully find some cooling breezes.

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We walked around the small town of Vaitape for about an hour exploring the local shops and enjoying the harbour area. It started to rain a little but this quickly turned into a torrential downpour so we quickly returned to the ship.

Then it was coffee in The Seabourn Square and Grandma’s cake…naughty but nice.

At 11:30am we caught the local water taxi to the island of Motu Tapu where Seabourn had arranged a complimentary barbeque and day at the beach of the deserted island.

Hotel Manager Vitor, Helen & The Beers!!

Hotel Manager Vitor, Helen & The Beers!!

We made it in time for our 12 noon beer but no lime (shock horror!!) as Seabourn were not able to bring limes from the ship due to quarantine regulations.

Suzy & Lance joined us for lunch that had been prepared by the local Hilton hotel – not brilliant…defiantly not Seabourn standard.

After lunch the four of us paddled around the whole island which only took about twenty minutes but then the dark clouds rolled in so we rushed back to the lunch area for shelter from the huge rainstorm before managing to get on the first water taxi back to the ship.

It was a great afternoon it had everything – warm balmy winds, hot sun, paddling and a great storm – brilliant.

Back on the ship we went for drinks at The Patio Bar then back to our room for a hot bath and a snooze before dinner…zzzzzz

Later that afternoon the Captain gave a tanoy message to say that there would be eight to twelve foot waves that night and for the ladies to be careful in their high-heels and for them to use the handrails. As it was still pouring with rain the on deck sail-away was cancelled. The Captain was right, at 7pm the rocking and rolling started.

We went for dinner at The Colonnade – Chinese tonight – and as it was still pouring with rain only half of the outside tables were laid up but we managed to get one and it was a lovely evening as it was still balmy despite the downpour.

The show in the Grand Salon this evening was an American comedian but his humour did not really translate to any of the non Americans like us so we retired to the club for a nightcap.

11pm and the ship is really pitching and rolling now  – it will be an interesting sleep tonight…or not!!

Techie bits: On the 31st of January at 7:30am we were:
16° south and 152° west
Travelling on a compass course : 359°
Speed = 1 knot
Wind speed = 6 knots from east
Air temperature = 30°c (86°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 7339
Depth = 24 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 5:55am  Sunset =6:45pm