Brisbane & Valentine’s Day

Thursday 14th February 2013

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city. The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise are just an hour away and The Sunshine Coast is two hours north. Brisbane is located six hundred miles north of Sydney and has a semi tropical climate. The city sits astride the Brisbane River and faces the island studded Morton Bay. Within the city limits both river banks have footpaths that stretch for many miles so everything is within walking distance and conveniently place bridges link both sides.

While we were sailing up the Brisbane river this morning it was noticeably cooler…brr… hope it warms up later.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!! …and yes he did remember…

We decided to stay onboard today but the maintenance team were sanding down the woodwork around the pool so went to the small area at the back of deck five – but that was too noisy as it was right on the port. We then went to the outside area of Seabourn Square – too windy, so up we go to deck eleven forward with the big padded beds – perfect.

After a while it got too hot as there is no shade up there so it was back down to the pool deck where they had now finished the maintenance… we found sunbeds half in and half out of the sun and of course bar service on tap.

Our twelve noon beers automatically appeared at…12 noon!! then it was lunch at the Patio Grill, out for a quick walk around the Hamilton Shopping Centre then back to the ship to catch up on emails and competitions while everyone else was in Brisbane…really fast Internet today. It’s weird as we had no TV signal today but we did in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…how does that work!!

Formal Valentine’s Dinner in the main dining room – with a red rose for all the ladies (in case the men had forgotten) – then it was off to the Grand Salon to see ‘The Aussie Boys’ who entertained us with songs from the land down under.

When we returned to our suite we found the clocks had gone ‘forward’ an hour…oh no I’ve got kinesis tomorrow morning – how an earth will I be able to get up!! We are now eleven hours in front of UK time…this is getting confusing.

Techie bits: On the 14th of February 6:30am we were:
27° south and 153 east
Travelling on a compass course 286°
Speed = 6 knots
Wind speed = 8 knots from south west
Air temperature = 20°c (68°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 10841
Depth = 5 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 5:30am  Sunset = 6:33pm