Cairns Day 2, Northern Queensland – Australia

Saturday 23rd February 2013

After breakfast we decided to walk into town and do some shopping. As we were leaving the ship we saw the Captain, in his cycling gear but without his bike, with the chief security officer. We asked if someone had stolen his bike but he replied “No something worse has happened”

His Juvy Cat rat board (traditionally used to stop rats from running up the tethering ropes and getting aboard) was missing. He was really annoyed and was determined to get to the bottom of it. We heard later that it was never found…good bye Juvy Cat.

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Outside the port there was an esplanade with a boardwalk that went past the apartments and restaurants overlooking the harbour, past the marine and right around to the huge open air public swimming pool on the seafront.

We Love Seabourn

We Love Seabourn

As we were passing the apartments we looked up and saw a huge “I Love Seabourn” sign hanging from a balcony. It was Ronwyn’s apartment – a previous world cruiser with us.

We strolled on into town and bought a few local trinkets before finding the Tommy Bahamas store. This time it was Vance who went on a spending spree buying two beautiful long sleeved linen shirts, one in navy and one in melon green – who’s a pretty boy then!!

Then it was back to the ship as everyone had to be back on board for our departure at 12.30pm, so we shared champagne & caviar with Irene & Alan…Vance had his Corona of course…for the sail away.

The Quest gave the usual three horn blasts as we sailed out past The Rhapsody Of The Sea which returned the compliment with its own three blasts, then as we sailed past the apartments overlooking the harbour I asked everyone on The Sky Bar and port side tables to come over and wave goodbye to Ronwyn who was out on her balcony to see us off.  The Captain then gave another three blasts as we sailed by – perhaps a personal goodbye from the Quest to Ronwyn!!

At 6.30pm we were having  a drink on our balcony and talking about how little marine wildlife we had seen on our voyage so far apart from the odd flying fish and the penguins in Sydney harbour. Then guess what…we saw two hammer head sharks – they were only small about four feet but it was a great sight.

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  1. Daphne & David Donhue

    Thanks for all the good-humoured comments and pictures on your blog.
    We are boarding in Hong Kong for the second half of the World Cruise, so will miss you this year.
    All the best.

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