Coron, Philippines – Saturday 7th March 2015

Coron is a municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines and the main industries are fishing and tourism. Tourism is the top industry these days due to the pristine beaches on Coron Island. There are also a dozen sunken Japanese warships at depths between 10 and 40 metres off Coron Island which make this a popular diving destination.

We had trouble getting into the dock this morning, the wind was so strong it kept blowing the ship away from the jetty and as there were no tugs available the coast guard boat had to take the rope connected to the rear hawser (the thick rope used to moor the ship) to the jetty so the port staff could pull the hawser in and secure it to the large mooring bollards. Then the Captain had to winch in the hawser to pull us ashore…very slowly so that the hawser didn’t snap.

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We didn’t take a tour to Coron Island mainly because I don’t snorkel so instead we took the shuttle into Coron Town. Apart from the harbour area where you could hire outrigger boats to take you to the Island and one or two floating restaurants there wasn’t much to see. We walked over to the local market but the pig heads and the smell soon sent us back to the shuttle to return to the ship.

Piggy In The Middle?

Piggy In The Middle?

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 17:15
Location: 11.52 north, 120.09 east
Speed: 13.5 knots
Temp: 28c/82f
Distance from Coron: 7.6 nms
Distance to Puerto Princesa: 203 nms
Humidity: 58%
Sunrise: 06:11
Sunset: 18:09
Sea Depth: 80 ft
Winds: 45mph from East