Day 6 At Sea – Galley Market

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

After last night’s early night I had hoped to get a picture of the sunrise today…I woke at 6am and missed it…I did get eight and a half hours sleep though!!  Vance says that as we are travelling West-South-West and our cabin is on the starboard side there is no way I could have got a picture from our balcony without reaching out about 20 feet…no chance!! or I would have had to run down the corridor in my PJ’s to get to the port side of deck 5…again no way. You will have to wait until we are travelling up the east coast of Australia.

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Helping Brian Finish His Burger

Today is Galley Market but we decided to have a quiet, intellectual lunch with Margaret and Brian on deck at The Grill…the noise and laughter must have been coming from the table next to us…honest!!

I did however pop down to the Galley Market to take some photos of the brilliant spread that the chefs and staff had prepared. One of the chefs had even produced a replica of the world in chocolate icing over a circular balloon …. unfortunately his geography was not fantastic as UK’s Manchester is now off the south coast of Devon and Canada has shrunk to half size – global warming perhaps? However it was a stunning feature for the entrance to the Restaurant …thank you chef.

This afternoon I had a snooze in one of the cabanas on the pool deck – it’s great as you can be in the shade or the sun or both. I chose to keep my head in the shade while tanning my legs….perfect!!

The show tonight was the return of comedy magician John Lenahan and once again he was brilliant.

After the show Hyperion Knight, the piano virtuoso came up to Alan and said he thought he looked just like Leonard Bernstein (an American composer). My reply was ‘but isn’t he dead?’…luckily everyone thought it funny…well everyone except Alan…but it was a good intro to have a chat with Hyperion.

Techie bits: On the 22nd of January at 7:30am we were:
0.5° south and 109° west
Travelling on a compass course : 256°
Speed = 17.5 knots
Wind speed = 11 knots from east
Air temperature = 22°c (72°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 4475
Depth = 3820 metres
Humidity 65%
Sunrise = 5:22am  Sunset = 5:32pm

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