Day At Sea

Sunday 13th January 2013

Lovely smooth overnight sail so caught up on much needed sleep and awoke to clear sunny skies…at last!!

Kinesis at 8am – is it getting easier or am I getting fitter…don’t tell instructor Craig.

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Today we had a ‘Beach Mode’ pool where the area surrounding the pool was flooded to about 12 inches above the actual pool making it look like a beach. It was great because people could sit around the pool area and cool their feet ‘On The Beach’ – Vance said where’s the sand!!

More Chablis Vance?

Usual 12 noon beers where we were joined by six friends and then we adjourned at 1pm to The Colonnade for a table for eight and a Mexican feast. Needless to say the lunch became rather noisy and boisterous but it was great to enjoy the outside eating area with friends from around the world.

Hottest day of the cruise so far with temperatures in the high eighties.

The Colonnade was closed tonight for a full world cruise dinner … boo hoo we weren’t invited as we are only 1/2 worldies!! – so we dined in the main restaurant  on truffle roasted crispy jidori chicken with twice baked potato and bacon bits followed by a plate of Epoisses cheese washed down with a rich ruby port…hic.

The cabaret tonight was a Tom Jones tribute act but unfortunately his first song was so bad that we (and others) had to leave. This meant we could have another much deserved early night…zzzzzz

Looking forward to tomorrow where we arrive at the San Blas Islands in Panama.

Techie bits: On the 13th of January at 7:30am we were:
12° north and 073° west
Travelling on a compass course : 239°
Speed = 14.5 knots
Wind speed = 14 knots from east
Air temperature = 24°c (75°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 1666
Depth = 1690 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:19am  Sunset = 5:48pm

One thought on “Day At Sea

  1. Rex Lees

    Hello Helen,
    Thanks for the blog I thought you were’nt doing one this year as I could not find it.
    Interesting reading, your photos Sunday 13th January are not coming out, all the others are but not this day.

    Not seeing many crew on Qiest that we know, what has happend to Michelle the Social Hostess, not on this year??
    Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your cruise.

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