Day At Sea, Caviar In The Surf (Or In The Pool) – Thursday 29th January 2015

Partly cloudy today but a glorious 89f/32c so no complaints.

At 11.00am the Sojourn staff set up the Caviar in the Surf event in the Pool which was in Beach Mode, meaning the pool was over filled and therefore about 12 inches deeper.

It was ok for the staff who were hanging onto the surf board to dish out the caviar but the waiters had to tread water and pour champagne at the same time…still none of the staff were complaining as they were all in the pool even though they were fully clothed. A great time for everyone.

More Champers Madam?

More Champers Madam?

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Later that afternoon was the Tug-of-War when the crew challenged each other in teams to determine the new champions. After an epic battle the final was between the Deck Hands and the Bar Staff…and the winner was… the Deck Hands. Well done.

Tonight the entertainment was Comedy Showtime with Martin Beaumont from the UK. He was incredibly funny…well all the Brits thought so!!