Day at Sea – Private Champagne Party In The Pool

Monday 28th  January 2013

At sea again today and at 7am it was already 82f – looks like we will be spending a day in the pool…again!!

Off to Kinesis at 8am for our thirty minutes of torture then a protein breakfast of bacon, eggs and mushrooms…but no toast…aren’t we good????

At 9:45am I went to a lecture by a local pearl expert on Tahitian pearls. He was  also offering a free raffle to attendees to win a Tahitian pearl enhancer…hope I win…fingers crossed.

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10:30am brought the ladies to the Pool Deck for a Pareo tying and Lei making demonstration by the Tahitian dancers that are still with us on board.

More Champers Anyone?

We spent most of the morning in the pool which was in beach mode again and Pauline ordered a glass of champagne. When it came we found out that the house champagne had run out and Seabourn had replaced it with the premium champers Veuve Clicquot…wow…half the pool soon cottoned on and within minutes we were having a private pool party and the champers really flowed…Vance of course not a great lover of the fizzy stuff ordered his usual 12 noon beer… but  I stayed on the Veuve Clicquot ….that’s the first time this cruise that I have missed my ritual beer …naughty me!! …but who could blame me!!

Then it was off to the Patio Grill for lunch – Tacos today – before collapsing on my sunbed in the shade for a welcome snooze…zzzzzz

4:30pm was a Polynesian dance class where the girls loosened up their hips and burnt off some Seabourn calories. I opted for the safer option of taking the photos.

Dinner that night was in the Main Restaurant where we dined with Sarah & Paul and Italian friends Vilma & Pietro. The conversation moved between Italian, French and English…. but luckily their English is better than our Italian/French!!

Clocks back half an hour tonight which now puts us ten hours behind UK time.

Techie bits: On the 28th of January at 7:00am we were:
11° south and 142° west
Travelling on a compass course : 230°
Speed = 15 knots
Wind speed = 11 knots from east
Air temperature = 28°c (82°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 6608
Depth = 4850 metres
Humidity 68%
Sunrise = 5:25am  Sunset =6:02pm


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  1. Rachel

    Wow, hate that I missed a Veuve on the house day! Love that stuff just can’t afford to drink it if I”m buying. Looking forward to seeing you all in Sydney. Really have enjoyed your blog!
    Rachel Hammer

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