Day At Sea

Thursday 10th January 2013

‘Cheers’…To Everyone At Home In The Snow!!

‘Oh What A Night’ – yes you’ve guessed it – it was another really rough night at sea with our suite creaking and groaning with the ship shuddering  and slamming down into the waves making sleep a near impossibility … for some…Vance of course slept through it all. I am now getting seriously grumpy through lack of sleep.

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Kinesis class this morning was really hard as with the ship rolling so much it was difficult for us to keep our balance. Craig our instructor reckoned it was good for our core muscles….yeah right!!

Then disaster struck as I broke my wedding ring. I was trying to get my foot into the exercise bike foot clips and my ring got caught on the back of the clip. This bent the ring into a ‘V’ shape and when I tried to push it back the soft gold was so thin it snapped. Vance bought the ring nearly 30 years ago in Crete on our first ever holiday together but as he said better the ring broke than my finger and promised to get it repaired for me when we get back to Bristol. It feels really strange not to have a ring on that finger after all this time… divorce wise cracks please!!

The rough seas  continued for the rest of the day but as it was hot and sunny it didn’t effect our sunbathing time or our noon beer ritual of course. However the ‘Rock The Boat’ deck party could not go ahead and was postponed until  later in the cruise.

Tonight was Tuscany Market at The Colonnade and by now the rough seas and wind had subsided so we had a romantic dinner under the stars…just the two of us…ahh…

Techie bits: On the 10th of January at 8:05am we were:
15° north and 068° west
Travelling on a compass course : 167°
Speed = 11 knots
Wind speed = 28 knots From North East
Air temperature = 27°c (81°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 1080
Depth = 4070 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 7: 04am  Sunset = 6:21pm