Durban, South Africa – Saturday 10th January 2015

Vasco da Gama sailed past present day Durban on Christmas Day in 1497 and named the port Natalia but it was only in the 1820’s that the first European traders settled in the area.
Port Natal and its harbour town were subsequently renamed Durban in honour of Sir Benjamin d’Urban the governor of the Cape.

Today’s tours were mainly safari’s so we decided to go for another paddle and swim. We took the shuttle bus from the port to the Ushaka shopping complex which contains not only shops and restaurants but also the Ushaka Marine World.

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Beyond the shopping complex was Ushaka Beach stretching for miles along the coast. As it was Saturday families had brought their children to the beach so it was very crowded. We enjoyed a long paddle and then Vance decided to do some body surfing in the waves.


Back on board we were greeted by the Inlondlo Zulu dance group who performed for us on the pool deck. Zulu dances are the means of connecting with the gods, of recounting an adventure or celebrating an exploit.