Fourth Day At Sea – Galley Market

Friday 8th March 2013

Woke to another beautiful morning although a lot cooler than usual and finally after all these weeks we met Jake who takes our room service order every morning, as he delivered our morning tea himself today.  He said he had heard we were leaving in Hong Kong and wanted to come and meet us and say hello in person rather than just over the phone.

It was our last kinesis class today and Craig made it even harder than usual as we had to do 10 squats between each exercise on the second circuit…so that was 70 squats…my leg muscles were burning by the end of the class…nice way to have us remember you Craig! We said goodbye to the Spa girls and Calin (who has been giving Vance deep tissue massages on his back, neck and shoulders)and also to our kinesis class mates who are staying on for the next segment or even longer – lucky devils.

When we got back to our suite it was to find that Mari, our stewardess, had put our suitcases out ready for packing…are you trying to get rid of us already Mari?

After breakfast we went to the boutique again (still more credit to spend) and bought another pair of trousers for Vance and some face creams for me…at last I’ve managed to spend it all…success!!

Our Last 12 Noon Beers On Board

Our Last 12 Noon Beers On Board

Started packing…ugh…but sent Vance to the pool deck to get him out from under my feet as he is more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to packing but he did phone me at five to twelve to tell me to come up to The Patio Grill bar because yes…it was that time…so at twelve noon we had our final Coronas on board and were joined by Irene & Alan and Sarah & Paul for this auspicious occasion.

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Lunch today was Galley Market and I had fish & chips and also sushi…yes it was back on the menu…wonderful…thanks chef Thorsten.

I took some wonderful pictures of the waiting & bar staff and I know from your comments that a lot of you blog followers love to identify staff and crew from your previous cruises…can you spot anyone you remember?

After lunch it was back to finish the packing…ugh…ugh…but at least it was done now and I could have some leisure time in the sun on deck with Vance.

It was resort casual tonight and we met up with Suzie & Lance and Irene & Alan in the Main Restaurant for a ‘last supper’ as of the six of us only Suzie & Lance would be staying on for the rest of the cruise…they’re ‘worldies’ like Sarah & Paul.

After dinner we said goodnight to Suzie & Lance and then we went to The Sky Bar where the four of us were joined by Margaret & Brian for cocktails under the stars.

We were not too late to bed as we would have to be up at 6am the next day as we were invited to a 6.30am champagne breakfast party for the sail in to Hong Kong…zzzzz

Techie bits: On the 8th of March 7.20am we were:
17° north and 116° east
Travelling on a compass course 326°
Speed = 17 knots
Wind speed = 19 knots from north east
Air temperature = 23°c (73°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 16660
Depth = 3960 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:26am  Sunset = 6:21pm