Hong Kong & Home

Saturday 9th March 2013

This morning we were invited to a 6:30am champagne breakfast sail-in party in Suzie & Lance’s suite.

The suite is at the very front of the ship so gave panoramic views from the balcony as we sailed in. We were joined by Irene & Alan and Sarah & Paul for this wonderful but last sail-in…for us!!

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We breakfasted on bucks fizz, croissants & pastries, fresh fruit and tea or coffee while watching the Kowloon & Hong Kong Island skylines appear. We even caught the sun rising at the side of the famous clock tower. From the balcony we looked down on the ‘worldies’ having their Pyjama Party sail-in on deck six…Irene said they looked like inmates from the asylum!!

After we docked we went for another breakfast on The Colonnade (Vance wanted his last full fry up – back to porridge & toast when we get home) and waited for the ship to be cleared for disembarkation…boo hoo.

Then it was back to our suite to collect our hand luggage (out valet luggage had already been collected the night before) and to say goodbye to Mari our stewardess. Thank you Mari for looking after us so well.

We then joined other guests who were disembarking in The Seabourn Square until it was time for us to finally leave the ship at 9:30am. This is always the bit I hate as we have to say goodbye to staff, crew and guests who have become part of our Seabourn family – however I am sure that we will meet some of them again when we take another Seabourn journey.

Before we handed in our passes for the last time Vitor, Handre, Heather and Heidicha were waiting to say goodbye and wish us a safe journey home and the Captain was waiting shore side to say his final goodbyes. I know that one day we will sail with Captain GA and his wife Juvy again.

Our limo was waiting for us on the pier side to take us to a hotel dayroom as our flight home to the UK was not until 11:30pm. Unfortunately this is where our six star Seabourn experience faltered as the hotel was a real disappointment…definitely not Seabourn standard!!

We spent the morning walking down Nathan Road looking at the shops (but not shopping as we have exhausted this pastime) and then ended up back at the port area and the harbour side shopping mall where not surprisingly we bumped into many of our Seabourn friends .

Our Last Noon Day Corona

Our Last Noon Day Corona

We then walked around to The Intercontinental Hotel hoping to have lunch sitting outside as it was a beautiful warm and sunny day but we were turned away as we were not residents at the hotel. So it was back up The Nathan Road as we looked for somewhere to stop for lunch. We found a little Bavarian restaurant where surprise, surprise we were able to order our noon day Coronas and share a very large plate of sandwiches & chips!!

Later it was back to our day room to bath and change before our limo returned to take us to the new airport at Lantau. Then it was back to the luxury of the business class lounge with other fellow Brit passengers to wait for the British Airways 11:30pm flight home. It was a brilliant flight with no turbulence and I slept for nearly eight out of the thirteen hour flight time.

Our friend Peter was waiting for us at Terminal Five Heathrow the next morning at 5am to drive us home…thank you Peter but next time please wear your chauffeurs hat…ha ha.

Before I finally finish this blog I would just like to say how much we’ve appreciated the new Seabourn Club points benefits…we were both lucky enough to be Platinum members for this cruise so were each able to choose 3 benefits. Vance chose the 15% savings on shore excursions (this covered both of us), the signature massage and the weekly complimentary bag of laundry. I chose the 40 minutes complimentary telephone (which meant I could talk to my sister throughout the cruise and could even phone her on her birthday while she was holidaying in Mexico), the signature massage and the weekly complimentary bag of laundry.

Having the complimentary laundry was great…between us we could have had 16 (although we only used 12) bags of complimentary laundry, one each for every 7 days onboard which meant that I didn’t have to spend time in the launderette on board either washing or ironing – the clothes came back beautifully pressed and on hangers.

And as we are now only 11 points short of becoming Diamond members (250 points) the next time we cruise we will get even more benefits…brilliant…

Thanks again to the crew, staff and guests who helped make this such a fabulous cruise and also for the great feedback from my blog followers onboard and around the world.

The blonde on a boat will definitely be cruising and blogging again so if anyone wants to be notified when I start a new blog please send your email address to helen@tigc.co.uk

Bye until next time!!

Techie bits: On the 9th of March 6am we were:
22° north and 114° east
Travelling on a compass course 308°
Speed = 5 knots
Wind speed = 1 knots from north east
Air temperature = 16°c (61°f)
Total nautical miles sailed =16981
Depth = 15 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:37am  Sunset = 6:29pm

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong & Home

  1. Liz Bos (Margots daughter)

    Thoroughly enjoyed your total blog but totally annoyed that with myself that the afternoon has melted into evening.
    Looking forward to your next blog and maybe catching up with you both on another cruise.
    From a Marketing point of view Corona should sponsor your next cruise!!

    Best wishes,

  2. Ingrid

    Since we got off the ship in Sydney, I have followed you on your blog and wished we were there. We had a very nice stay in Australia with our friends, but nothing beats Seabourn. Arnold and I enjoyed your company very much and the same with Alan and Irene. Hopefully, we will all be able to meet again. We arrived home to another blizzard and spring certainly hasn’t arrived here yet but according to the almanac is on its way.
    Have a lovely summer and make sure that where ever you are there will be a Corona at twelve noon.
    Ingrid Arnold

  3. Rex Lees

    Helen and Vance,
    Once again a very interesting read and photos. Sorry that your cruise has come to an end, I will have nothing to read till your exploits begin again LOL!!!


  4. Peter S

    Well done Helen a great read once again and note to Vance – you missed the techi bits for 4.00am Sunday 10th March Heathrow Airport terminal 5 – I think the words above sea-level and bl**dy cold should suffice! Please bring home some sunshine and heat next time.
    Cheers Peter – Chauffeur Hat will be on display next time.

  5. Marlene

    Helen, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts – I so wanted to be onboard! I’ll miss all the updates and photos with people I recognise. Hope it’s not too difficult adjusting to the less-than-spring weather you arrived home to. Cheers, Marlene

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