Hong Kong – Sunday 1st March 2015

We sailed into Hong Kong at 08:00 this morning – a dreary, dismal start as Hong Kong was overcast and foggy.

After breakfast we walked into the city for an hour or so but as it was Sunday most of the shops didn’t open until eleven…not a problem as we just wanted a stroll and so we were soon back onboard for our noon Corona’s and lunch with friends at the Grill… watching the newbies arrive. Three hundred guests got off and three hundred guests got on…hope there are some that are non-newbies that we have met on previous sailings.

The Blogger In Hong Kong

The Blogger In Hong Kong

After lunch we both went to the Spa to enter the raffle for a chance to win some spa treatments…hope I win as I could do with a facial…we have to go back at 17:00 as you have to be there to claim any prize won.

At 15:15 we all went to deck four for the mandatory emergency drill (again!!) and the exciting part was that guests from two cabins did not turn up so were continuously tannoyed until they did… to a huge cheer and some boos from the rest of us guests who had been sat there for fifteen minutes…the final outcome being that the sail away was delayed by twenty five minutes…bet the captain was not pleased.

We went back to the Spa at 17:00 to see if we’d won anything…(ever hopeful)… and for a few minutes we thought we would win ALL the prizes as nobody else turned up but the spa personnel insisted on waiting another fifteen minutes by which time two people turned up, then another two, but with six of us the odds were still in our favour. So much for odds…unfortunately we didn’t win any of the main prizes but I did win a body composition analysis with the fitness instructor…duh!!…we all know what the result of that will be!!…and Vance…he won nada…boo hoo.

At 17:30 we went to the party for on-going guests…no newbies…at the back of the Spa but it was so cold outside I soon went in and laid on one of the heated beds to drink my cocktail. The idea soon caught on and all the heated beds were quickly utilised.

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