Isla Catalina Beach Party & BBQ

Wednesday 9th January 2013

It was a rough sea overnight sailing to Isla Catalina but of course Vance slept like a baby…could it have been alcohol induced?

Arrived this morning at 7:30am to find that it must have rained all night as our balcony area was soaked but by 9am the sun was shining and the Seabourn staff started transporting food and wine to the island for our beach BBQ.

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The Happy Couple

The caviar in the surf event was great but after a while the waves suddenly got the better of the staff and the salt water swamped the surf board which was loaded with the caviar, biscuits, chopped egg etc so everything was brought ashore and the feasting and the plentiful glugging of chilled champagne continued on the hot dry sand.

The BBQ started at 12 noon and we all enjoyed a sumptuous spread cooked and served by the ship’s staff. Well done team Seabourn.

The rest of the afternoon was spent frolicking in the warm crystal clear waters or for those adventurous enough snorkelling and banana boating….needless to say we crashed out on our sun beds….

We dined in the Main Restaurant on slow braised lamb shanks…one of my favourite dishes…finishing with an excellent cheese board and the odd glass or three of port.  I think all the ‘exercising’  must have worn us out because by 10pm we were back in our suite ready to enjoy a well deserved sleep…zzzzz… or so we thought…more on that tomorrow.

Techie bits: On the 9th of January at 8am we were:
18° north and 069° west
Travelling on a compass course : At Anchor
Speed = 0 knots
Apparent wind speed = 4 knots
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 910
Depth = 8 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 7:10am  Sunset = 6:16pm

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  1. Larry Jones

    Good evening or morning Helen,

    IS there any way you can get a picture of Zeya Jones and Randy Stauber on your blog. They are great people and are on the Quest with you. Cheers!

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