Langkawi, Malaysia – Saturday 31st January 2015

Off the northwest coast of Malaysia, near the Thai border, Langkawi is one of 100 islands that make up the archipelago. It is the largest island and has over 65,000 inhabitants but is best known for its glorious beaches.

Today we used the services of Maggie Waggie Tours again and six of us (Vance, me, Irene & Alan and Margaret & Reuben) went to the Oriental Village and took the cable car to the summit of Machinchang Mountain, at over 700m/ 2296ft. The cable car passes over the jungle beneath and stops at two observation platforms. From one of the platforms you can usually access a belvedere (a structure designed to incorporate a view) dizzily anchored at the end of a curved suspension bridge but luckily today it was closed for repairs…thank goodness!!


The views from the top of the mountain were amazing and you could look down over the many islands scattered around Langkawi.

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After this our driver took us to a perfect beach, not sure where it was except that it was next to the Four Seasons Hotel. It was almost deserted and we spent an hour swimming in the clear, cool sea and relaxing on the sun beds before heading to another beach that was more commercial and busy for some lunch. Wow, what a fabulous day…thank you Maggie Waggie Tours.

Back on the Sojourn, we finally managed to sit on our balcony again (2nd time in 28 days) for an hour this evening…bliss…rum and cokes and the early evening sun…but then our neighbour came out on her balcony and started smoking (again) and so drove us back inside (again). Grr!!

Seabourn really need to stop all smoking on balconies. It’s not fair, we pay for a balcony that we then can’t use as there is a smoker next door. Seabourn, I need a refund please for not being able to use my balcony…