Maputo, Mozambique – 13th January 2015

Maputo has been the capital of Mozambique since 1898 and was previously called Lourenco Marques until the country’s independence in 1975. It is the largest city in Mozambique and the country’s most important harbour. Buildings range from old colonial palaces to new high-rise constructions but the dominant architecture is concrete walled boxes with badly eroded paint and rusted security bars.


Following last night’s ‘Dancing Under The Stars’ I now know that I’m not some twenty plus young thing that can dance the night away…oh the aches this morning.

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This morning we walked into the main square of Maputo and if anything it’s worse than the last time we were here, the poverty here is terrible. The old railway station’s outer walls were being restored and were covered in tarpaulins hiding the glorious facade that we saw last time. We didn’t stay long and decided to return to the ship. Unfortunately two of our fellow cruisers got mugged while they were out. They lost some money but were not hurt…thank goodness.

Later that morning we heard a “ship code” message over the tannoy and then found out that one of our cruising friends had fallen and broken her leg. She was taken off to the local hospital with the possibility of being air lifted to Johannesburg but luckily she was cleared and returned to the ship…in plaster!!

The captain delayed our departure for a few hours until she could be re-boarded at 7pm. We are all so glad she is back on-board and hopefully can continue her Sojourn with us.