Welcome To My Latest Travel Blog

Looking forward to meeting old friends and making many new ones when we cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Hong Kong starting in January 2013.

Our home away from home from January 6th until March 9th 2013.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To My Latest Travel Blog

  1. Dieter H

    Great to read your blog and view all your photos, thanks!
    Be sure to remind my special friend Brian that he promised me his fancy watch if anything should ever happen to him. Just want to make sure he has not forgotten his promise in Thailand during the Odyssey World Cruise in 2010 (on his way to Bangkok): I have not!!!
    And, of course, a big hug for Margaret!
    Dieter (and Marlene)

  2. Marlene

    It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since we were enjoying our ’round the world journey on the Quest, and must say I’m feeling “homesick” for the ship – how I would love to be there again. Please say hi to Brian and Margaret for us – it was so nice to reconnect with them on the Quest in the Mediterranean in October. Hope you all have a wonderful time (How could you not??!!). Looking forward to following your journey for the next couple of months.

  3. kevin slattery

    hi people.I live in port elizabath south africa and had the pleasure of meeting Ga and Juvy when they were here last here.My sister has sailed a few times with Seabourn and Ga etc.They live in Dallas.I enjoyed following your posts from last year and will continue to do so again this year.So no Coronas for me just yet on deck with you, but i am planning a 7 to 10 day med cruise later this year on the quest. Look forward to you posts again.regards Kev Slattery

  4. DD

    Hi you guys.
    Good to see you have arrived safely.
    I have now settled into your house with the O Conor clan all 15 of us our four dogs,three cats and the parrot Dick he enjoys flying around your lounge.
    We love the newish carpets ,please let us have the name of your carpet cleaner before you get back.

  5. Peter S

    Hope you had a good trip to Fort L – Looking forward to reading your Blog – Who knows if you make it as interesting as usual I might be tempted to book a trip – Bon Voyage – Peter

  6. Barry

    Thank you for your kind words regarding myself, Enjoy your latest Seabourn Adventure.

    Best regards


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