Panama City

Wednesday 16th January 2013

Fuerte Amador is a short causeway of only 6 kilometres that links 4 small islands to the old city of Panama. The causeway was built from soil and rocks removed during the Panama Canal’s construction.

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Panama City is a mixture of modern skyscrapers of apartments and offices – mainly banks and the shabby old quarter of the old town.

Today we joined the ‘Shopping With The Chef’  tour and went to a local fish market where Chef Thorsten bought  500 pounds (in weight) of fresh fish some of which he would be using in his Chef’s Special Menu tomorrow. As it was hot and steamy inside the market we slipped away and walked the five minutes to the Old Town.

Shopping With The Chef

The Old Town is in the process of extensive renovation where the interiors of the old building are being torn down leaving only the beautiful old facade with the aim of putting a modern  interior behind.

We returned to the fish market to pick up the coach and were then taken on a quick tour of the new city with its huge number of skyscrapers breaking up the skyline before returning to the ship just in time for our 12 noon beer!! During the tour we met new friends Shauna & Ian (from Australia) and Sue & David (from UK) who then asked us to dine with them that evening. It became a very noisy table!!

We were supposed to leave Fuerte Amador at 6pm but because many of the tours had left late that morning we were informed that we’d not leave until 8pm. This then changed to 10pm due to slow refuelling and a delay in the arrival of the new provisions … and we eventually left after midnight – or so I was told as I was long asleep by then…I thought it was calm…zzzzzzz

Techie bits: On the 16th of January at 7:30am we were:
8° north and 079° west
Travelling on a compass course : 041°
Speed = 0 knots
Wind speed = 5 knots
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 2176
Depth = 13 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 6:37am  Sunset = 6:18pm