Puerto Princesa, Philippines – Sunday 8th March 2015

Folklore attributes the name ‘Puerto Princesa’ to a maiden who was said to roam around the city on certain nights of the year…more practical people however say it is due to the geographical advantages of the place as a seaport – naturally protected the whole year and endowed with a depth that can accommodate any size of shipping – a virtual Princess of Ports according to the early Spanish colonists.



We didn’t fancy any of the tours today (all too long) so we took the shuttle into town and were dropped off at a local craft market. Some of the wood carvings were fabulous but wouldn’t fit with our minimalistic decor at home so that was a no-no…but I did buy a pair of cotton trousers , in a bright pink batik design for when we go to Mexico next year…a bit loud for Westbury-on-Trym methinks. We bartered with the kai-thai (ladyboy) who was selling them and got a good deal…not quite sure if he/she fancied me or Vance more…but I think Vance won…

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When we got back to the ship the locals had set up a few stalls on the quayside…so after more bartering I bought myself a bluish/purple pearl necklace – not a bad days bartering.