Richards Bay, South Africa – Sunday 11th January & Monday 12th January 2015

Today we took the shuttle to a mall and then on to The Waterfront. The trip was really disappointing in fact the whole visit was disappointing unless you were going off on a safari or as Vance would say…yet another safari.

The part that was especially bad was that the Sojourn was docked next to a coal yard at the port and whenever the wind direction changed we were all inhaling coal dust and all the decks were soon covered in dust. Not a Seabourn moment!!

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After an overnight here we finally left at noon. The deck crew had spent the whole morning trying to clear the fine film of coal dust that had settled on the pool area…we were glad to be leaving.

After the usual twelve noon beers we decided to have a pool party with “Don Pedro’s” which is a cocktail based on Kahlua…this was Jeannie’s idea not mine…naughty girl…nice though!!


Later that afternoon the pool area was setup for the African Epicurean Evening which was followed by an African Market Dinner in The Colonnade.

Then it was back outside for Desserts under the stars and dancing…lots of dancing.

Techie bits for the 12th…here they are:

Time: 17:30

Location: 28 south, 32.5 east

Speed: 10 knots

Temp: 26c 79f

Distance from Richards Bay: 69.4 nms

Distance to Maputo: 187.3 nms

Humidity: 77%

Sunrise: 05:03

Sunset: 18:50

Sea Depth: 2400 feet