Singapore – Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Monday 2nd – At sea on our way to Singapore…this morning is the final of the NFL Superbowl XLIX and Seabourn showed it on a big screen in the Grand Salon complete with burgers, hot dogs and all the bits… but I decided to stay in our suite and watch the last two quarters. The final was between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks and with Seabourn being based in Seattle you can guess which team was being supported by the staff and crew…the Captain even flew a ‘number 12’ flag from the mast which he explained meant the Sojourn was the Seahawks 12th man. Unfortunately it didn’t work as in the last few minutes the Seahawks made a mistake and the Patriots won 28 to 24…I really enjoyed watching it although I wasn’t always sure what was going on.

Galley Market lunch today, so me & Vance, Suzie & Lance, Irene & Alan and Margaret & Reuben all met up at a table in the Restaurant and enjoyed one final meal together. At the entrance to the galley they were serving vodka shots and I was encouraged to try a mandarin vodka which was surprisingly good but very alcoholic…hic!!

At 15:00 we sailed into Singapore, but we decided to stay onboard although the crew were looking forward to the overnight so they could enjoy themselves ashore.

Tuesday 3rd – This morning we had to say farewell to Margaret and Reuben as their cruise had come to an end. Safe journey home to Australia, we’ve loved sharing the last 30 days with you both and we’ll miss you…but hopefully we will see you both in England sometime soon or in Puerto Vallarta next year.

We decided to take the underground (MRT) to Bugis Street (to do some shopping at the market there)…wow, what an experience the MRT is…we were a little hesitant at first but soon got the hang of it. It was a clean, fast and inexpensive way to travel across (or should I say ‘under’) Singapore and was a first for us. Anyway we arrived safely, walked the market, bought a watch and then on our way back to the MRT station who should we bump into…Margaret and Reuben…unbelievable, in the whole of Singapore they happened to be crossing that exact same road at that exact same time…must be Karma.

Back to the ship for lunch to find the ‘newbies’ are arriving. So the next 12 days of our journey start tomorrow.