Sydney Day 2

Sunday 17th February 2013

No techie bits today as we haven’t moved, the only difference was the temperature – it was 22c at 8am.

At 9am Suzie & Lance, Sarah & Paul and me & Vance met up on the quayside with Margaret & Reuben who we haven’t seen for two years.  Then  we all went to pier 3 to catch the Manly ferry.

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Which Way?

Which Way?

On arriving at Manly Wharf I was surprised to find that the little beach, shops and cafes looked just like an old fashioned English seaside town. We took the Manly Scenic Path and walked out to The Spit in beautiful sunshine where we sat on strategically placed benches and admired the wonderful views. On the way back to the ferry terminal for our return journey to Circular Quay we stopped for coffee, gossip and laughs.

At 12 noon we all went to The Colonnade for a fabulous Greek style lunch after Margaret & Reuben had picked up their security badges and were cleared to come aboard.

Margaret & Reuben live the other side of the Harbour Bridge so we said our goodbyes and they started to walk home. Me  and Suzie then decided that we would walk half way across the bridge to enjoy the wonderful views out across the Opera House with the whole bay behind it – no pictures I’m afraid as I’d left my camera in my suite and Suzie’s camera had run out of juice.

My feet were killing me after all the walking so it was back to the pool for a swim and a well earned rest on my sunbed.

At 5:15 there was the  guest emergency drill (now compulsory for all guests and not just the ‘newbies’ who had come aboard at Sydney) so all guests had to go to Deck 4 for the drill. After there was a sail away party on deck.

At 6pm we sailed away – but only a few metres as there was some sort of medical emergency and we returned to the dock…again. We eventually got going again at about 7pm.

At 8pm we dined at The Patio Grill with Jeannie & Chris, Genevieve & Derek (who had all just joined the ship for the next Segment) and Irene & Alan. It was Derek’s birthday but unfortunately the wind came up and it was really cold so all us girls ended up wearing the famous Seabourn orange blankets before giving up and moving to The Colonnade for desserts, hot coffee and Derek’s birthday cake.