The Last Of Our 10 Days At Sea

Saturday 26th  January 2013

Still At Sea

Happy Australia to all of our Aussie friends aboard and ashore.

At 9am it was 82f – it’s going to be hot today!!

Vance is almost back to normal…sorry folks the weird humour is returning.

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We spent a quiet morning at the pool or should I say in the pool as it was so hot and humid. I think we must have broken the record for the most guests in a Seabourn pool at one time.

Vance had intended to take the adult ballet class with Heidicha today but wasn’t really feeling up to it – lucky escape Heidicha!!

Then it was a lazy lunch at The Colonnade then back to our suite for an afternoon siesta…zzzzz…

Oh yes – it’s a sad day today as Vance’s pirate pants have finally given up the ghost. Those of you that followed the blog last year will remember that the pirate pants had to have an emergency repair job by the Seabourn tailor and after his excellent work they survived to see another world cruise…until now. This time there will be no return but luckily I had bought Vance a new pair of similar pirate pants and we will just have to hope they will become as much loved and as much travelled as the ‘old ones’.

At 6pm the temperature  was still 75f but misty and pouring with rain – we must be nearing land!!

Techie bits: On the 26th of January at 7:05am we were:
7° south and 134° west
Travelling on a compass course : 255°
Speed = 15 knots
Wind speed = 18 knots from east
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 6037
Depth = 4700 metres
Humidity 67%
Sunrise = 5:26am  Sunset = 5:53pm

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  1. Carolyn H


    On your last sea day, day 10, the photos did not come through. I am really enjoying your travel blog and photos. Thanks for taking the time to fill us all in on the events of day.

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