Two Days At Sea – Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th January 2015

Tuesday 27th – Formal night tonight but as we didn’t like any of the food choices elsewhere we had to go formal in the main dining room…poor Vance had to wear a jacket again.

Techie bits …here they are:
Time: 19:50
Location: 05.54 north, 84.50 east
Speed: 14 knots
Temp: 27c 81f
Distance from Colombo: 363 nms
Distance to Phuket: 830 nms
Humidity: 76%
Sunrise: 06:37
Sunset: 18:28
Sea Depth: 13020 ft
Winds: 17mph from North East

Wednesday 28th – Finally beginning to feel a little better so enjoying a day on deck in the fresh air and sunshine. Not cured yet by any means but I have my appetite back and drinking wine again…brilliant.

To date I have lost nearly 7lbs due to the flu bug and the sea sickness so I suppose something good has come out of all this…Vance says this must be the most expensive diet ever.

Clocks forward one hour tonight now we are seven hours ahead of UK time.